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November 2005

5th November 2005 Cold Knap, morning high tide
Elpez2k and The Codfather tried their luck at Cold Knap 5-11-05, the place was packed with anglers,great weather for the anglers not so much for the fish. The sun was out and there was a slight SE wind.
Fished 8am till 11.30am very quiet not many bites at all. Not a record breaking session by any means but after several blanks each a welcome change. The results were:
Elpez2k - 1 Dogfish
The Codfather 1 Dogfish
Both were caught on mackerel about half hour after high tide.

19th November 2005, Cold Knap, morning high tide

4 SWFF members fished the knap this morning, got there for 6.45 weather was good at not that cold considering the time of year. The beach was packed with anglers by 7.30. The codfather was 1st to strike with a doggie (caught on mackerel) around high tide. Elpez2k struck back by reeling in his 1st ever pouting (caught on lugworm).  Shame it was only around 4oz. Silverback and Tezza (this was his 1st session fishing with us) blanked.

23rd November 2005, Cardiff Foreshore, night high tide
Couple of the SWFF fished the Cardiff foreshore last night, fished two hours either side of high tide. Dry but cold night, loads of good bites but no luck till just after high tide when Elpez2k caught a codling about half a pound in weight. Carried on getting good bites but caught no more. First time the SWFF had fished the foreshore as a group.
Elpez2k - 1 codling
Shane B - blanked
The Codfather - blanked

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