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September 2006

Penarth, Sunday September 3rd 2006, evening low tide


Elpez2k and CKK opted to start the month with a trip conger bashing. Very much a last minute trip this and the lads didn't arrive at chosen venue until high tide. The venue in question was Penarth promenade, not as good as lavernock but with its easier access the lads hoped it might throw up and eel or twelve.


300 yards to the right of the lifeboat station was where the lads set up and first casts hit the water around 9.30pm. Nice evening for fishing hardly any wind, mild and a very calm sea made it ideal conditions to be out. It wasn't long before Elpez2k had one of his catch a fish in the 1st 5 minutes moments. His rod gave a decisive knock; he struck and connected with a fish most probably a strap conger. But he will never know because before he had chance to see the fish was gone, taking rig and shockleader with it.


Things were very quiet and apart from the crabs stripping the bait there were no fish or bites to be seen. A great place Penarth prom can be in the winter when targeting cod, seems it’s not so good when targeting conger in the summer. Just when the lads were giving it the "should have gone to Sudbrook" routine Elpez2k's rod gave a monster of a knock. Elpez2k jumped on the rod and struck to feel........NOTHING?..........OH HANG ON!...............NAH NOTHING..........OOH THERE IS!...... MUTHAS SLACK LINED ME...........DUNNO?????.....ITS A BLOODY BASS! Much to his joy rather than it being a slimy evil conger it was a beautiful bar of silver in the form of a 1lb 5oz bass. Not the biggest bass in history but a welcome surprise taken on whole squid. Photographed and weighed it was released to be eaten by the general somewhere in the Sudbrook region.


Rest of the night was shite to be honest and the lads packed up at midnight and headed for home.


Elpez2k - 1 Bass

CKK - Blanked


Mumbles Pier, Tuesday 5th September 2006, all day session


With summer rapidly coming to an end the SWFF commandos organised a dawn raid on mumbles pier to try and boost the summer species tally. 7.00am and Elpez2k and Shane B take the journey to Mumbles stopping for live sandeel and other ammo for the day ahead. The lads arrived around 9.00am to find 2 other anglers had beat them to there chosen spot, so base camp was set up in the middle of the fishing deck. The tide was around an hour before low and big mullet could be seen swimming between the pier supports.


From the moment 1st casts hit the water there were bites, problem was they were from very small fish. There were big shoals of them swimming around the pier. Never the less Elpez2k carried on breaking his catch a fish as quick as you can routine, by pulling in a small black bream after around a minutes fishing. This was quickly followed by another new species as he pulled in a goby. All this in the 1st five minutes! Our commandos had turned into school children and were now running around the pier giggling like a pair of tripping hippies. It didn't take long for Shane B to get in on the action as he finally pulled in his nemesis the mighty pouting followed quickly by another.


The day carried on with lots of little bites with the odd heart stopping bite on the bigger baits. Another new species for Elpez2k in the form of a small wrasse brought a grin, followed by the 1st mackerel of the summer caught on a 3 hook flapper using lug as bait! Meanwhile Shane B carried on adding new species to his total by pulling in his 1st tub gurnard of the year. With the sight of a mackie it was time to set up the float rods and put that live sandeel to use. It didn't take long for the float gear to take effect and both Elpez2k and Shane B pulled in a few of the epileptic nutters.


Things started to ease of on the floats and concentration was returned to the ledger gear. Shane B had devised a deadly new device in the form of a 3 hook flapper with size 14 hooks and started pulling in tiny bream mostly around 1-2oz with the odd 5-6oz thrown in. It started to get ridiculous as he pulled in more fish than a French trawler, mean while elpez2k had another bite that resulted in terror and confusion on the pier. He pulled in what looked like a large goby but there was the possibility it could be a weaver fish! Not wanting to do a Steve Irwin ( RIP Steve we loved ya) many other anglers advice was seeked but in the end no one new so we lobbed it back. Shane B added to his new species list by pulling in the only flattie, and biggest fish of the day in the form of a plaice around 1lb in weight.


CKK joined us around 2 hours before high tide but things had gone quiet on the ledger rods. Shane B was still using his bream death machine trying desperately to rid the ocean of every black bream that ever lived ever. The odd mackerel made an appearance including yet another lug caught one for Elpez2k.


With things going quiet and the day already seeming very long it was decided to head for home. A good day for both Elpez2k and Shane b with a few new species each and more fish in one day than the previous 2 months put together. CKK headed for a spot of conger bashing at Lavernock. Could he finally break the curse of the general?? TO BE CONTINUED.....


Penarth promanade 10.00pm


After seeing a chap land a 3.5lb bass at Mumbles earlier in the day CKK had a change of plan.  Instead of heading to Lavernock for the conger he switched venues to Penarth, and the same spot that threw up such a nice suprise only a few days earlier.


CKK arrives to find the water line much further out than Sunday night when he fished the same spot with Elpez2k. CKK quickly went to work with the bait left over from the days session.


Things were quiet for CKK and the muddy low water line of Penarth wasn't helping much. A couple of hours passed and CKK was begining to wonder if the general had really cursed him. To pass the time CKK wondered the beach in search of lost tackle.


With the mud, curse and lack of fish begining to take its toll CKK decided to move to the slipway next to the lifeboat station, at least there the mud wouldn't be a problem. This would proove to be the smartest move of the night and before long a tidy bite came along and finaly connection with a fish. Safley to shore CKK had landed a bass of around half a pound, the 2nd to show at Penarth in as many trips. At last the curse had been lifted and before long he was into his 2nd fish of the night, yet another bass this one much smaller than the others but they all count as someone once said.


5.00am and CKK heads for home to put an end to 23 hours of hardcore SWFF fishing, no monsters but a great days (and nights) fishing. 5 new species on the table and 37 fish added to the tally.


Shane B - 17 black bream, 2 pouting, 2 mackerel, 1 tub gurnard, 1 plaice

Elpez2k - 5 mackerel, 3 goby, 3 black bream 1 wrasse

CKK - 2 bass



St Brides/ Lavernock Fri September 8th'06, evening high tide

3 SWFF members braved the massive spring tides and headed to St Brides (lighthouse) for evening high tide. The Codfather, Elpez2k and CKK arrived around 2 hours before high tide to be faced with a waterline already half way up the sea wall. The lads headed down towards the lighthouse a set up after around 10 minutes walk.


First casts hit the water around one and a half hours before high tide. The tide was rising quickly and the lads were starting to worry that there position may not be the most suitable. By 8.45pm the sea wall had been compromised and all hell broke loose. With around half and hour before high tide the lads were deep in conversation over what to do, while the field they were standing in quickly flooded with sea water. The Codfather was the 1st to react, he packed away his gear and by the time Elpez2k and CKK had turned around he was gone. As Elpez2k and CKK backed up the field the water quickly followed, the lads quickly packed up as best they could and started to move across the field now ankle deep in water. The lads soon realised the reins dug into the field were flooded and they had no choice but to wade there way through. A phone call from The Codfather confirmed that the whole seawall was now submerged and that all the fields were flooding, luckily using his mystical powers he had scrambled to safety bone dry and rendezvous with Big E who had driven down to take the piss. The other members continued wading there way to safety and finally found safe passage to the upper wall and met the other lads for a chuckle.


The lads made their way back to the cars where The Codfather and Big E called it a night and headed for home after an hours fishing. Ckk and Elpez2k had other plans, home to get some dry clothes and off to Lavernock.


Our hardcore duo arrived at Lavernock a little after 11.00pm, the tide was still high and the first casts had some trouble holding bottom. Things didn't go to well for the lads first 2 hours past with little action and major problems with seaweed and tidal rip. The water was dropping fast and the lads were lucky to see areas of the beach that usually spend there time submerged. This give the lads sometime to tackle hunt with some success.


2.00am and a after a strange knock for Elpez2k that led to nothing CKK finally got his 1st bite and at last a connection with a fish. At the end of the line a small strap conger of around 2lb was to be found. This proved to be enough for our duo who were struggling to stay motivated after the nights earlier proceedings.


CKK - 1 conger

Elpez2k - blanked

The Codfather - blanked


 Ogmore, Saturday 16th September 2006, low to high tide

With fishing reports improving around the east end of the channel the lads were hoping for one or two more summer species to add to their lists. After much deliberation over where to head the SWFF opted for Cods Gully, Ogmore. Elpez2k and CKK arrived around 7.30pm and set up on the rocks to the right of the gully, there was very little wind but some chunky looking breakers were smashing into the rocks in front. With the tide being quite small and reaching the end of its ebb, the lads hoped that they wouldn't have to move to far tonight.


1st casts hit the water around low tide (8.00pm), and the lads sat back and waited for the call to arms. The surf was causing problems holding bottom and bite detection was going to be hard in these conditions. With the chance that The Codfather joining them later and a limited supply of bait, the first casts were left out for around 45 minutes. As Elpez2k made his first retrieval he found the worlds smallest small-eyed ray attached to his 3 hook flapper!  CKK ran over and instantly claimed it to be a new species "poor ray" he shouted. Both the lads had a chuckle over its miniscule features before letting it go. Small it may have been but another species to add to Elpez2k's list on his 50th trip of the year


Next 2 hours went very quickly, no bites and no fish. Still the time seemed to be flying and it wasn't long before out of the gloom stepped The Codfather. Now things haven't gone to well for the Codfather of recently, to many blank trips had made him "loose his way" slightly. As a result of this he's been out targeting innocent rabbits with his air rifle rather than fighting fish. Both Elpez2k and CKK hoped that this session would provide him with a motivational fish or two and perhaps provide the rabbits with some peace and quiet.


10pm - midnight the surf was getting strong and was causing some discomfort to our fish fighting heroes, causing them to retreat further up the rocks to avoid a soaking from the odd rogue wave. Things weren’t looking good, still no fish or bites and the discussion of whether or not to call it a night began. With high tide still around 3 hours away the lads decided to give it a while longer and at least get into the golden 2 hours before high tide.


By 2am there had been no improvement and morale was fading fast, it seemed like Poseidon wasn't going to play with the SWFF tonight. Just when it looked as if it was game over The Codfather had a massive bite that bent his shiny new 57ft Fladen telegraph pole in two. He struck and was instantly into a fish, all the members got as close to the rock edges as they dare with big waves still threatening to wash all who stood in their way out to sea. Finally the fish broke the surface around 30 yards out and made it safely to shore, there before The Codfather was a cracking 2.5lb small-eyed ray his first of the year but also one of his biggest fish. The ray was photographed, weighed and returned unharmed. "What a way to christen Pilky2" was the cry from The Codfather!


The Codfathers good fortune brought the SWFF back to life and the lads set about fishing with new motivation and a sense of purpose. It didn't take long for The Codfather to register another bite, this one was a real monster and the rod tip went hammering towards the ground. Again he struck and was into a fish, and yet again it broke the surface around the same spot and was yet another ray. This one was a fair bit bigger as The Codfather brought it in close to the rocks it made one last attempt to dive for the bottom and managed to snap The Codfathers terminal tackle and escape to freedom. The Codfather was gutted as were the other lads; the ray was probably around 5-6lb and would have made a fitting end to our summer campaign.


Minutes after the lost ray incident CKK finally got a bite, this one was also of colossal proportion. CKK ran over to the rod and struck into a dead weight only to hear a crack as his main line divorced his shockleader, leaving whatever was on the end to escape. This was followed by a large breaker washing most of what little bait the lads had left out to sea, and so brought and end to this evenings events. A good night anyway and hopefully some faith restored to The Codfather, the rabbits can breath easy for a while.


The Codfather - 1 small-eyed ray

Elpez2k - 1 small-eyed ray

CKK - blanked


Sudbrook, Thursday 21st September 2006, evening high tide

Elpez2k and The Codfather decided on a last minute session at Goldcliff. When the lads arrived they were faced with very high winds and rough seas. After much deliberation they headed for the shelter of Sudbrook instead.


The lads arrived at Sudbrook to find the ledges busy with anglers; with only an hour till high tide the lads made there way to the beach and set up next to the ledges. The wind was still very strong but the ledges did provide some shelter, the sea was very rough and the lads started to wonder if it was a bad night to be out.


Up to high tide passed without incident, apart from Elpez2k managing to lose a rig and the slight concern over whether there would be enough beach left to fish on things were quiet. Only the odd batch of seaweed was pulled in by our fish fighters.


Into the ebb and around half hour down came the 1st bite of the evening. A clonker for The Codfather, he was quickly to his feet, struck and battle between fish and man began. The fish was putting up some resistance and The Codfather had the beastie around half way in when the line become snagged. Despite countless efforts to give the fish line and free itself the snag would not let go, it wasn't till The Codfather went on a hike down the left hand of the beach that the snag finally loosened its grip. The Codfather reeled in hoping that the culprit that caused the mammoth bite was still attached but alas it was not to be. Not long after and Elpez2k had his 1st bite of the night, but unfortunately this too led to nothing.


9.00pm the ebb was now an hour and a half into its cycle and the lads decided to call it a night. As The Codfather reeled in there was a cry of relief, finally a fish for his efforts. Attached to his rig was the smallest and snottiest of silver eels. In true codfather fashion it was some how trapped in amongst the elastic on the bait with hooks and swivels surround its tiny head. The lads untangled the unfortunate slimy critter from the rig and it was set free to torment some other poor angler.


This was the end for the SWFF's adventures for one night, at least something had been caught and it was another new species for the inform Codfather.


The Codfather - 1 Silver eel

Elpez2k - Blanked

Goldcliff, Sunday 23rd September 2006, evening high tide

Goldcliif has gained much respect as a top venue by anglers over the years. Alas it’s never really delivered the goods for the SWFF, despite this Shane B, CKK, Elpez2k, the Codfather and BIG E decided to try their luck. Fantastic weather for fishing, the last few weeks have been very mild and although not the best for the fish, it does make for a comfortable session. The lads arrived and set up around 3/4 of the way along the seawall at around 8pm.Baits of choice for this evenings proceedings were, lugworm, squid, mackerel and sandeel. BIG E's snacks of choice were McCoy’s, chilli Pepperami and chicken on a stick.


By 8.30pm the lads were settled in and there were 10 rods set up and cast into the murky depths of the bay. The time was passing very quickly and high tide was soon reached, not a single bite on any rod in the 1st 2 hours! Surely this wasn't to be the case all night? BIG E was already well into his grub stash, but did contemplate offering half a Pepperami to the sea gods in exchange for a bite, but his overwhelming hunger persuaded him otherwise and he ate it anyway. Just after high tide and finally a huge bite for one lucky SWFF member, the member in question was The Codfather. He jumped into action and struck at the monster of a bite, there were a few moments of confusion as to whether there was a fish on or not and then the line came slack. As The Codfather reeled in his fishless rig the other SWFF members noticed a tree drifting slowly down the channel.


Into the ebb and still no improvement, BIG E's food stash was now looking critical and the tide was causing the rod lines to cross. By one and a half hours down the lads called decided to pack up, 10 rods out and not a single bite all night. Yet again Goldcliff had let the SWFF down; no longer shall the fish fighters know it as Goldcliff. It will be renamed Shitcliff and I don’t think the SWFF will ever fish there again.......


Shane B - Blanked

The Codfather - Blanked

Elpez2k - Blanked

CKK - Blanked

BIG E - Blanked


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