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November 2007

Jackstones, Fri 2nd Nov, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m), Mild NW
Yet another failed attempt to fish the deeps saw the SWFF head of to Jackstones instead. A nice calm night for fishing and relitley mild considering the northely wind. The fishing was slow but steady lots of bites in close from the smaller fish. Elpez2k and Wanner concentrated on fishing out onto Abaeron sands while CKK and The Codfather fished towards Port talbot steel works.
The night told two different tales while Elpez2k and Wanner got in amongst some dogfish, CKK and The Codfather caught nothing but whiting on their side. Elpez2k also had 2 good takes on a live bait pouting but couldn't hook into the culprit. The night ended around 1am. On the way back the surf looked perfect for bass, if only we had a bucket of peeler crab!!!
Elpez2k - 5 dogfish, 3 whiting, 1 pouting
CKK - 5 whiting
The Codfather - 5 whiting
Wanner - 2 dogfish

Sker point, Sun 4th Nov, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m), ????
Waiting for report...
Shane B - 1 Small eyed ray, 3 Dogfish
Wanner - 1 Pouting, 1 Whiting, 1 Dogfish

St Brides, Sun 11th Nov, High Tide 19.45 (13.4m) Mod N/NE
With the winter starting to set in the SWFF headed to St Brides hoping to bag CKK his first conger of 2007. The weather was kind except for a moderate N/NE wind that made it feel colder than previous days. The lads arrived at St Brides around 6pm and set up close to the left hand groines, a spot that had provided the SWFF with several conger this year. First casts hit the water around 6.30pm and the lads sat back and waited for the call to action.
It took a long time until the first bites came along, infact it was getting close to high tide. A few small knocks for all concerned but no fish landed, then on the stroke of high tide CKK had a good knock that turned into a decent scrap. After a brief battle CKK landed his first conger of 2007 weighing in at 4.5lb. Around 5 minutes later and Elpez2k also had a good knock but missed the fish. The purple patch continued and Wanner was the next SWFF member called into action. A good knock provided Wanner with a dogfish, an unusual catch at St Brides and only the second ever caught there by the SWFF.
The rest of the night provided no more action for any of the SWFF. The Codfather did turn up around half hour after high tide, but didnt bother bringing his tackle this far into a session. The lads fished on until 21.30pm then packed up and headed for home.
CKK - 2 whiting, 1 conger
Wanner - 1 dogfish
Elpez2k - Blanked


Cold Knap, Wed 14th Nov, High Tide 21.30 (0.0m) Mild NW
The SWFF headed to Cold Knap hoping to secure Buzzsaw his first ever Dogfish. Wanner and Shane B had left for The Knap earlier in the evening while Elpez2k went to pick up Buzz and his bro Chris. The weather was kind, hardly any wind and very mild for mid November. Elpez2k and his mob met up with Shane B and Wanner around 8pm. The lads had caught a few whiting and had missed a few bites. Shane B was suffering from a bout of "fishlessitus" and was puking like a rabid dog. He even had to use the dreaded "Cold Knap" bogs fearing he might get bum savaged or worse. Lucky enough he escaped with his plug hole intact and carried on fishing like the hardcore mofo he is.
It didn't take long for Elpez2k, Buzzsaw and chris to get in amongst the fish. Buzz and bro were having some sort of whiting battle while Elpez2k landed 2 dogs in quick succession. Meanwhile Wanner was catching the odd dog/whiting and the fishing in general was running at a good pace. High tide came and the fishing carried on, Buzzsaw and his bro were tied at 3 whiting a piece, Buzzsaw's next bite proved a little harder than the others, and he pulled in his first ever dogfish. So overwhlemed was he that his eyes started to well up before shouting the almighty roar "BUZZSAWWWWWWWW!!!"
Into the ebb and all the lads carried on with the dogfish/whiting catching although it did slow up a little. Shane B and Wanner headed for home around 11pm with the other lads leaving around midnight. Not a bad nights fishing, and an overjoyed Buzzsaw went home with a smile on his face.
Elpez2k - 3 dogfish, 4 whiting
Buzzsaw - 1 dogfish, 3 whiting
Chris - 4 whiting
Wanner -  2 dogfish, 2 whiting
Shane B - 1 dogfish, 3 whiting


----------- Ogmore deeps -----------
Waiting for report...
Shane B - 4 whiting
Wanner - 2 whiting, 2 dogfish

---------- Goldcliff ----------
Waiting for report...
Wanner - 1 codling
Shane B - Blanked

--------- Ogmore deeps ---------
Waiting for report...
Shane B - 2 dogfish, 2 whiting
Wanner - 2 dogfish, 1 pouting, 1 whiting

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