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December 2007

Goldcliff, Wed 5th Dec. Low Tide 21.15 (0.0m) Strong SW

The SWFF head back to Goldcliff hoping to add to the years appalling cod stats. The weather wasn't playing ball and there was a strong south westerly wind to test Elpez2k, Shane B and Wanners patience. The lads arrived around 7.30pm and headed down to the "marl" there were already a few other anglers there but they hadn't had much luck. The SWFF members headed down to the end of the marl after a quick chat and went about setting up, first casts hit the water around 8pm.


The wind was making life difficult, but it felt mild for the time of year. Elpez2k had a good bite within the first 10 minutes of casting but it came to nothing. That was the highlight of a dire first hour. As low tide approached the wind eased and finally the fishing picked up. A few small knocks for most of the SWFF finally led to a fish just after low tide. Shane B landed a small whiting of a few ounces, nothing spectacular but a start never the less. Meanwhile Wanner was having lessons off and old fishing butty known as ginger John. While old ginger instructed Wanner listened, a twinkle in his eye and childlike smile on his face.


An hour up and finally a fish for Elpez2k, the smallest of bites provided the smallest of whiting for his efforts. Shane B had also landed a small codling around 4oz in weight. The pressure was now on old Wanner with the threat of the "sardines of shame" hanging over his head. Wanner turned to ginger John, “help ginger John you’re my only hope". John turned to Wanner, a brilliant light shone from his glasses as he said "get up my son for I shall help thee". With that Wanner sprung to his feet shook John firmly by the hand and continued fishing.


11pm and the flooding tide had forced the SWFF back towards the seawall. When all seemed lost for old Wanner ginger John noticed a bite from the corner of his eye. He screamed at his pupil to strike and a short while later Wanner was holding a small codling of a few ounces in his hand. Wanner ran over to ginger John and hugged him like a lost brother. “My work here is done" said ginger John, and with that he walked straight across the bay, floated up the seawall and disappeared in a puff of smoke. “There goes the best dam fisherman Newport has ever seen.” mumbled Wanner. After witnessing such an event the SWFF packed up and headed for home overwhelmed by the presence they had encountered.

Shane B - 1 whiting, 1 codling
Elpez2k - 1 whiting
Wanner - 1 codling

Mumbles Pier, Sat 8th Dec, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Str N/NW
Waiting for report and stats...
Shane B -
Wanner -

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