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Welcome to the home of the SWFF
This is the home page of the South Wales Fish Fighters, a group of anglers based around Newport and the surrounding areas. We fish the Bristol channel from shore anywhere from Sudbrook to the Gower. On this site you'll find information on various fishing spots, info on the SWFF members, stats on how well we're doing, links to other great fishing resources and our fishing diary. As time goes on I hope to add more sections and more fishing venues. 
This site is not here to tell you how to fish and we don't wanna fill you full of our infinite wisdom, most of us have only been sea fishing proper for 1 or 2 years. Some of our members do have a good knowledge of the sport and if you do have any questions you feel we might be able to help you with we will try an answer them.
The SWFF is not an official club, theres no rules, membership fees etc. Its just a freindly get together for a bunch of sea fishing fanatics (some of us can be found lurking in the www.worldseafishing.com forums.)We try and meet once mid week and once on weekends. If you fancy taking a trip with us ( you must be mad!) feel free to email me for details of our next trip.

Latest news and Updates
With the end of the year approching the new website has been delayed. We now hope to launch on the 1st of Jan' 08. Space is at a premium on this site at the moment so not many pics have been added of late, this will be rectified soon as we move.
Elpez2k, Shane B and Wanner head to Goldcliff in search of cod. To read the full report click here.
Wanner and Shane B head to Mumbles, hoping to help the SWFF reach the magical 1000 fish for the year. To read the full report click here.
Dogfish - 412
Whiting - 187
Pouting - 99
Ballan wrasse - 35
Mackeral - 29
Pollack - 35
Conger eel - 19
Smelt - 17
Trigger fish - 17
Flounder - 15
Rockling(3) -14
Codling - 12
Tompot blenny - 11
Turbot - 10
Small eyed ray - 9
Dabs - 7
Silver eel - 7
Starry smoothound - 6
Garfish - 5
Corkwing wrasse - 5
Bass - 6
Tub Gurnard - 4
Shad - 4
Rockling(5) - 2
Thornback ray - 2
Mullet - 2
Bullhead - 2
Plaice - 1
Tope - 1
Bullhuss - 1
Next trip scheduled for: TBA

"The Sardines Of Shame"
Current holder: Shane B

Buzzsaw's first dogfish

Please get in touch with your comments, articles, questions or for information on our next session.  mailto:elpez2k@hotmail.com.