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Overlooking the new Severn bridge Sudbrook can be found between Chepstow and Caldicot. The area we fish is known as "diver’s rock" and can be found by following the signs for the papermill. Once you are driving along side the papermill take a right turn at the end of the mill, through an old level crossing. Directly in front of you will be a narrow lane heading down the side of the post office (Palmers). Head down the lane and park next to the playground and football pitch. Diver’s rock and the beach area are situated at the far end of the football pitch. This is easily one of the SWFF's favourite venues to fish over winter due to its easy access and good cod fishing from November till April.


Fishing over mainly mud with rocky patches the beach area drops off at quite a shallow angle. Best on a high tide but can be fished down to low although it does start to get boggy and isn't really worth the trouble. Try and stay close to the ledges when fishing as the further left (looking out to sea) you travel up the beach the stronger the tidal rip. Also be very careful on large tides 14m+ will see you run out of beach at high tide. Although the ground is mostly mud snags are common here due to the large boulders strewn around so rotten bottoms are advisable.

 To the right of the beach are the ledges, fishing over mud only a high tide is any good. Some problems with tackle retrieval when the water goes out due to the lead sticking in the mud so packing up while the water is still at the foot of the ledges is advisable. Larger tides 14m+ may cause problems holding bottom due to the rip, codling can be taken as close as 20 yards in the winter so distance casting is not essential. The ledges run for quite a distance along the shore but the closer to the paper mill you get, the less time you will have to fish as they are the last to recieve the water, and the 1st to lose it when the ebb tide starts. Take care at this spot there are some nasty holes in the ledges that can catch you out at night, its not advisable to fish here alone.


Expect to catch codling, whiting, flounder, rockling, and conger in winter. Some big conger and the odd bass can be caught in the summer months. Best baits include Lugworm, ragworm, mackerel and squid.

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Sudbrook beach at low tide
Far right hand side of Diver's rock

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