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Who We Are

How we formed
The birth of the SWFF- Benny, Silverback and Big E had spent some of the summer of 2005 fishing without a great deal of success. There had been one decent conger around 10lb landed by Benny at Goldcliff in July and a few Mackerel caught on feathers at Porthcawl pier by all concerned.
 August and Benny managed to tempt Elpez2k back to rod and line after a 15 year absence. Things didnt improve through August and Benny and Elpez2k took several blank trips until one fateful day in  early September when Benny pulled in a Codling of around 2lb in the most unusual of circumstances and from that day on he was known as "The Codfather".
Late September and Shane B was now on board and had joined us for a few sessions including one with GI Joe which seen 3 tidy conger eels. 
The fishing contiuned much of it in vain through October. Shane B had done some fishing with Gaz407 before, and with both of them and Elpez2k working for the same company a trip with Gaz407 and his fishing mad son BTF was on the cards sooner or later.
The rest is documented for you in the diary, although this site wasn't published until Jan 2006 we kept a record of results from November onwards. The night that really inspired the site was the 21st December at Cold knap with several members there, a whole lot of fish and banter the idea of having these little fishing meets on a regular basis was agreed. The rest as they say is history....


Started his fishing career on the Mon and Brecon canal at the tender age of 10. Done a small amount of sea fishing during his younger years but graduated to full time sea fishing in the summer 2005. Elpez2k has a nasy habit of pulling in a fish right at the death, maybe its down to all the rigs he offers the sea gods each trip.


2006 was a good year with him landing 178 fish from 73 trips and finishing joint top with 15 species. The best of which where a 5.5lb ray, 5lb bass and 5lb conger. Highlight of the year was the 2.5lb bass caught on float at Caswell. Low point was the wash out at St Brides or possibly not catching a bloody rockling.....

Elpez2k with his 8lb smooth hound

The Codfather

The mystical figure "The Codfather", some days he brings you good fortune other days the curse of the weaver fish. Started sea fishing as a child full time since early 2005. Also known as "Afur trip" as he often turns up or departs in the middle of a session. Another strange point to note is his unusual hooking method, the back, the eye, the tail basically anywhere except the mouth seems to be the way. 


 2006 saw him land 56 fish from 43 trips and manage 8 species the best of which was a 2.5lb ray caught at Ogmore. That night was both his highlight and low point of 2006, for after landing the 2.5lber he lost another of around 5-6lb.

Codfather with his Oxwich smooth hound

Shane B
Shane B hails from the urban jungle known as Newport, hes been sea fishing for many years and has an old skool approach to his chosen sport. Shane B would like nothing more than being up to his tits in mud and Codling. Also he has a strange connection to the "mini species" such as goby and smelt and they seem to follow him where ever he fishes.
2006 saw him land 124 fish from 37 trips and catching 15 species landing him joint 1st place on the species table. Highlight of the year was the catching of  "Mick" the 7lb bass caught at Barry Waterfront. Low point was not managing a ray from shore.

Shane B at Barry Waterfront October 2006

Big E
What can we say about the big man, give him half a cow and a 20 TOG sleeping bag and the man would still be cold and hungry. More wrecking ball than man his main objective when fishing is to destroy as much fishing gear that dosen't belong to him as possible, if that dosen't work he'll spend all session trying to crush what little spirit you have left. The big man is not happy fishing unless he's pulls in more fish than a french trawler. Still he battles on in his quest for "something I can take home and eat".
2006 saw him battle to get in with the big players in the SWFF, probably because he spends most of the time eating or falling over. He did manage 5 fish, 3 species from 7 trips the best being a 1.5lb dogfish caught at Ogmore.

Big E at Ogmore may 06

Silverback has many years fishing experience in fly,coarse and sea. But they have not helped him much in his SWFF quest. A new job and college course forced Silverback out of action early on in the year much to his dissapointment. Hopefully the SWFF will see more of him during 2007.
2006 saw Silverback start the year of quite well he managed 9 fish from 5 trips all of which were codling the biggest being around 12oz. Low point of the year was probably not managing to join us for a few more trips, still theres always 2007.

Silverback at Sudbrook February 06

Father of the Codfather, Tezza was fishing before some of us were born. After a long break from the sport he decided to up rods once more and join us on our adventures. Although Tezza only joined us for a handful of trips during 2006, he took several trips alone whilst travelling around the country during the summer with some good results.
2006 saw Tezza take 9 trips catching 12 fish and 6 species. Highlight of the year was the 1lb ray caught at ogmore, his first from the shore. Low point was probably his blank session at the end of the year.

Tezza at Ogmore April 06

BTF has been fishing several years and has a great love of the sport. Son of Gaz407 the two are locked in constant battle when fishing but so far 2005 and 2006 belong to BTF.  Not happy with just fishing with the SWFF, BTF and Gaz407 can be seen fishing the west coast during the summer months. Not a lad who likes the bitter taste of failure BTF will do what ever it takes to put one on the oldman, just as long as he hasn't got to scale down and catch Shane B's kind of fish.
2006 was a good year for BTF he managed 33 fish, 8 species from 11 trips finishing 3rd on the species league. Highlight of the year was the 8.5lb bass caught at Cold Knap that landed him in the pages of Sea Angler. Low point was the blank session at Barry Waterfront (told you he didn't like loosing!)

BTF at Cold Knap October 06

Gaz 407
Many years fishing experience behind him Gaz407 has managed some good fish over the years including a 12lb cod. Unfortunatley things haven't quite gone his was since joining the SWFF. A phobia of handling live fish makes it all that more fun to watch him catch when we're out. Despite teaching BTF "everything I know" he still seems to struggle when trying to outfish him.
2006 was a mixed year for Gaz407 he managed a good bass of 4lb when out on a non SWFF trip in the summer, but failed to land any fish of significant size when out with the lads. Highlight of 2006 was thrashing his lad during a session at Ogmore which seen him land 19 fish in one night. Low point was also the terrible trip taken to Barry waterfront.

Gaz407 at Porthcawl Dec 2006

 Tackle Tart
Good friends with Shane B Tackle Tart started Fishing over 10 years ago on the various course fishing lakes around Newport. The tart is never seen without the latest Bling Bling piece of fishing equipment on the market, although Shane B does have doubts over TT's chosen brand of rod.  TT's only downfall is females, any in the vicinity and the fishing's out the window.
2006 saw TT only make 3 trips with us mainly because he was to busy shagging. He did manage 4 fish from those 3 trips and 3 species. Highlight of the year was christening his Century WR300 at Cold Knap, Low point was probably not getting laid afterwards.

TT at Porthcawl 06

The fisherman formerly known as GI Joe, not happy with his slightly gay name given to him by his cousin Shane B he decided to change it on the last trip of 2006. The Dogmiester serves in the army so getting out ith the lads fishing can be difficult, when he does make it his jammyness is unrivaled.
2006 and the Dogmiester took 2 trips with us landing 9 fish and 2 species. Highlight of the year was catching the SWFF's 500th fish of the year. Low point was probably not getting out as much as he would of liked. Hopefully we'll see more of the spawny git in 2007.

The Dogmiester at Porthcawl Dec 06

Cold Knap Kid (CKK)
A complete newcomer to the sport of fishing, SeaReed took his 1st trip with us in early June 2006, he grasped the sport by the scruff of the neck and shook it around a bit. Nice size codling (1st SWFF member to catch one at Cold Knap) on his 1st trip followed up by a small pouting. After managing to outfish the other SWFF members at Cold Knap several time he was renamed "The Cold Knap Kid". These days CKK has a unhealthy fixation with conger that sees him fishing for the evil bastards at every possible occasion.
2006 and a good year for someone who had never picked up a rod before. He managed 53 fish from 29 trips and landing 8 species. Highlight of the year was landing a massive conger at Sudbrook nicknamed "The General". Low point was seeing "The General" slither away to the water before we had chance to weigh or photograph the evil beastie.

CKK at Cold Knap July 2006


Coming straight from the ghetto known as Bettws Wanner has been sea fishing for many a year. His biggest catch before joining us was a 12lb cod, but since joining us in October 2006 things aint gone quite as well. A few blank sessions during October but by November the fish started coming. He shares a common interest with BIG E in falling over so parking your arse next to him can be a dodgy move, but he can be very useful at unhooking dogfish. Wanner has set out to challenge for the SWFF title this year, let’s just hope he can keep his feet on the ground....


2006 Wanner only joined us for the last 3 months of 2006, his highlight was the trip to Porthcawl where he managed a whole session without falling over. Low point of the year was probably meeting us lot in the first place...

Wanna with his Blackpipe cod Feb 07

Buzzsaw fished many years ago with Shane B and Gaz407 whilst working at Philmor rail. He left the company in 2005 and his fishing exploits ended with his Philmor employment. After reading about the SWFF's adventures he packed in work as a freelance bounty hunter, rejoined Philmor and took up rod and line once more. Only ever fishing the Newport area Buzzsaw has yet to experience the delights of doggie bashing down west despite the SWFF taking him to Knab Rock for his first trip.

BuzzSaw dreaming of bigger and better fish Jan 07

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