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Below is a list of websites that we have found useful in the past. Just click on the links below to take a look.....

Your one stop sea fishing website every thing you could possibly want to know. World sea fishing is excellent packed with infomation on all aspects of sea angling. The forums are also excellent  providing information on fishing marks and hotspots nationwide aswell as localy.

Great website for all the latest information on the weather and tide times, perfect for planning your trip fishing.

Welsh Danglers

World Sea Fishing members site, great pictures and reports on there fishing exploits around the South Wales coastline.

Great website with some good info on marks in and around the swansea area. Excellent resource for tackle and bait tips.

Great website packed with helpful hints and tips

Home of the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers

Good website with information on places to stay in and around some of wales top fishing venues.

Good diary based website with some excellent photographs, telling of WSF member steffynecks fishing exploits.