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Penarth pier is situated at the left-hand end of Penarth Promenade and is home to the Penarth sea anglers club. Parking along this promenade can be an issue so set out early to get a space. The pier is open at various times depending on what season but in general expect to be on there around 8am and off by 6pm.

 Fishing is only permitted between the months of October and April and most Sundays see some form of match taking place so it can get very busy. Fishing is only allowed towards the end of the pier, the very end of the pier has restricted access so if you’re casting your bait out into deep water this can be an issue. Although fishing close to the pier itself often provides best results. A drop net to retrieve any large catch is essential here.


The beach either side of the Pier can also provide excellent fishing and seems to fish well in most places. This area has easy access and can be fished over high or low tide although we tend to fish it over low. The sea bed mainly consists of sand with some rocky/ seaweed patches. The beach itself has quite a steady drop off and does get a little muddy at low water. There are a few slipways one situated on the left of the pier and one by the lifeboat station, these make for easy fishing. Fishing close to either side of the pier can also prove productive.


Top baits include lug, rag mackerel and squid; expect to catch conger, cod, whiting, rockling with bass showing up in summer months.

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Penarth beach low tide

fishing section of Penarth Pier