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December 2005

15th December 2005, Sudbrook, evening high tide
Few of us fished high tide at Sudbrook (Divers Rock) tonight, good weather and company made for a great night even if nothing big was caught. all of us used Lugworm and Squid for bait. Fished close to shore casting as short as 30 yards from high tide. Overall we had:

Elpez2k - 3 codling
Shane B - 2 codling and a rockling
The Codfather - 6 Codling and 2 Flounder
The Codfathers Father - 4 Codling and a Rockling
Big E, Gaz 407, BTF - Blanked

Nothing huge biggest fish was the flounder at just over a pound, all the cod were around  8-10 oz. All the fish were returned alive.

18th December 2005 Sudbrook morning high tide
Few of the SWFF went back to Sudbrook to have a go in the daylight. Nice morning for fishing dry but very cold and frosty. We arrived at Sudbrook around 7.00 and fished till 11.00. We used lug and squid for bait. All caught at under 40 yds, nothing of any decent size biggest was about 8oz.  

Elpez2k - 1 Codling
Big E - 1 Codling
Codfather - 2 codling
Silverback - 2 Codling

21st December 2005, Cold Knap, evening high tide
This was the session that really gave birth to the SWFF and the idea of this website.
 We got there around 7 to find we had the place to ourselves. Within 20 mins of setting up Gaz 407 pulled in the 1st whiting, within 10mins of that we were all getting bites and started to pull in whiting in the 8-10 oz range. Most of which were being caught on mackerel.

An hour before high tide Elpez2k had 2 good size whiting going on for a pound as did Shane B, Things were looking tight in the comp with Elpez2k, Shane B and The Codfather all in the running.

Coming up to high tide we were all pulling whiting out nearly every cast and most of us were in double figures, as we hit high tide we seemed to have a brief rest period of about 20-30 mins before the onslaught started again.

Just as Elpez2k and Shane B thought we were pulling away from the pack Gaz 407's Son BTF pulled in a mother of a conger to shatter our hopes of winning. We didnt have a scales but we think its around 10 pounds.
Fished till 12ish caught so many fish that some members lost count of there personal totals, but we estimate we had something like 55 whiting, 2 rockling, 1 pouting and a conger. AWESOME nights fishing and a well deserved win for BTF.

28th December 2005, Cold Knap, afternoon high tide
Four members of the SWFF went looking for a crimbo type miracle down at Cold Knap, got down there around 2.30 to find the beach rammed with anglers must of been 30+. Started fishing around 3.00 very quiet for the 1st half hour. The Codfather broke the stalemate with a whiting of around 6oz about an hour in.

As it started to get dark the bites increased, Tezza pulled in his 1st whiting closley follwed by Elpez2k. Stayed quietish till around 5.30 when Elpez2k, The codfather and Silverback all caught within 5 minutes of each other, all whiting except for the codfather who managed to hook a pouting on the same rig too.

Elpez2k had a monster of a bite which he connected with. Thinking he was gonna pull in a tidy size whiting, He wound in to find a whiting and a dogfish on the same rig.Biggest whiting was about 10 oz. Dogfish was around a pound. All caught on mackerel .Packed up about 7.00pm.

Elpez2k -  5 whiting, 1 doggie  
Codfather -  5 whiting, 1 pouting
Tezza -  3 whiting
Silverback - 1 whiting 

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