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January 2006

2nd January 2006, Cold Knap, evening high tide
The Codfather and Elpez2k went down the Knap last night for there first session of the year. Armed with only 2 mackerel and a packet of squid. Fished just to the left of the car park from 7pm till 11pm. Quite a mild night for January which didnt help the fishing much Bites were very rare heading up to high tide and didnt improve much after.

Elpez2k had 1 doggie, 1 whiting and a good size pouting of about a pound. The Codfather managed 1 doggie all night which made him quite upset. Very quiet night considering the last few trips to the Knap had produced such good results. Forgot to take a camera so no photos im afraid.

8th January 2006, Cardiff Foreshore, morning high tide
Few of the SWFF went down to try there luck at Cardiff foreshore, weather was overcast with strong easterly winds. Got down to the foreshore around 11.30, quite a few other people fishing. Set up about 300 yards to the left of the monkey pole. Wind was playing havoc with bite indication along with quite a choppy sea. Took about an hour before we saw the first fish, most of the others were caught after high tide. Results were:

Tezza - 3 Codling (biggest around 10 oz) and a small Rockling.
Elpez2k - 1 Codling
Codfather - 1 Codling
Sliverback - Blanked
All fish were caught on Lug, squid, crab, mackerel cocktails at close range (under 60 yds)


11th January 2006 Penarth Promanade 3 hours after high tide.
3 of the SWFF fished Penarth Promanade 7.30 - 12.30. Fished just to the right of the pier, very mild night, water was very calm too. We all fished two rods one at range with a big bait and 3 hook flappers in close with smaller baits and hooks.
Elpez- 2 Codling, 2 Pouting, 1 Whiting
Codfather- 4 Codling- 1 Pouting
Shane B- 2 Rockling, 2 Codling (biggest of the session around 10oz)
All caught at close range on the smaller setups, lug and squid being bait of choice. All the fish were returned.



14th January 2006, Sudbrook, morning high tide
3 of us fished Divers Rock 6.00 till 9.30, nice conditions except for a little rain. All fished one rod lug and squid for bait. Bites from the start but no fish till half hour in. All fish were caught at close range( under 80 yds), the biggest fish was around 12oz. All were returned alive.Final results:
Silverback- 3 Codling (biggest of the session around 8-10oz)
Elpez2k- 2 Codling
Codfather- 2 Codling


Friday 20th January 2006, Cold Knap, Night high tide
6 SWFF members fished the Knap 20.30 - 1.00, quite a few others down there having a go so we set up over on the right hand side of the beach. Armed with Squid,Mackerel, Lug, Rag we were hoping for a good night.

Terrible session strong winds and huge waves smashing the beach made it impossible to see any bites. It stayed like this till around high tide, as the tide changed the wind died down and a few small fish were being caught. Most of us had two rods out one at range with a large bait, and one in closer with smaller baits.
We were all gutted with the session, but we did all manage to catch except poor old gaz407 whipped by his boy again LOL.

Elpez2k - 2 whiting
Shane B - 1 rockling, 1 whiting
Tezza - 1 Pouting, 2 Whiting (pouting biggest fish of the night around 12oz)
Codfather - 2 Rockling, 1 whiting
BTF - 1 rockling, 1 pouting
Gaz407 - Blanked



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