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Cardiff foreshore can be found by parking at the entrance to Cardiff docks and walking through the industrial estate on the left, access to the beach is found behind the Sheffield insulation (also known as woods insulation) building. Best to park outside of the docks entrance and keep all valubles out of sight as its not the safest venue to leave your car, especially at night.
Not a pretty place to fish the foreshore consists of the remains of the old industrial estate twisted metal and large peices of old brickwork are scattered randomly all over the beach. Along with the rats this dosent make for pretty fishing (not the place to take the wife and kids for a picnic!). There is a small estuary at the industrial estate end, further down the beach forms two bays one smaller and one larger, past these you will find the "monkey pole" then "cods corner" .
The sea bed consists of lots of old brickwork and rubble which can make tackle losses high so rotten bottoms are a good idea. High tides of around 12m- 13m are best with good fish falling to anglers at close range.
One of the better known marks is the "monkey pole" which is about 1/4 of a mile down the beach from the back of the industrial estate, past this you will find "cods corner" both of these marks are excellent for winter cod fishing. Despite its terrible appearence this venue is well worth a visit in the winter months. Top baits are Lug, Rag, Peeler crab and squid. Expect to Catch Rockling, Conger, Cod, Whiting.

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Looking down towards the monkey pole
Cardiff foreshores golden sands!