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The areas of Porthcawl we're concentrating on here is around the Harbour and Lifeboat station. Plenty of room for parking for both of these areas, a tackle shop close by and clean easy fishing make these spots a great place to try your luck
The lighthouse can be found at the end of the breakwater wall next to the lifeboat station. Also known as Porthcawl pier this area is very popular with anglers and tourists and can get very busy, especialy in the summer months. The wall consists of an upper and lower section. The upper section gives access to the open sea and the lower the bay next to the harbour. The very end of the pier next to the lighthouse is a prized spot for anglers and offers some shelter from the elements. All offer younger and novice casters the chance of fishing deeper water although fishing close in to the wall can produce good results. A few points of safety, the pier can be unsafe in rough weather and waves often crash up over the wall so caution is advised. Also there is a siren for the lifeboat station if this sound all lines in the path of the slipway should be wound in.
The "short arm" of the harbour can also be fished although not as big as the pier theres enough room for a few anglers, to the left of the harbour theres a long wall along the promanade. Both of these areas can produce good results and should be considered in rough weather or if the pier is busy.
Expect to catch whiting, rockling, codling in winter. mackerel, conger, bass, rays, and some smoothound in winter. Best baits include mackerel, rag, peeler crab and squid.

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