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May 2006

Ogmore "Cods gully" , May 5th 2006, Afternoon high tide
Friday the 5th of may and Elpez2k and the Codfather took the day off work to fish Cods gully at Ogmore. The boys got there around 10am, the weather was awesome 70 degrees+ and a very slight SW wind. Armed with mackerel, squid and sandeel the boys were confident of a successful day.
The boys set up on the pebble beach in the centre of the gully, there were huge breakers hitting the rocks some around 5 feet in size. Bite detection was going to proove difficult in these conditions. After 2 hours a few more anglers started turning up and fishing various spots close to the gully. Our boys in the meantime were having no luck, but were enjoying the ever increasing temperature.
High tide and things did start to improve, one or two bites detected in between the pounding from the waves but still no fish. Half an hour into the ebb and Elpez2k managed to pull in a small codling on sandeel and mackerel. Not to be out done the Codfather brought in the pilk after a small bite to find a tiny pin whiting attached. Within half hour pilky did it again and pulled in another small whiting.
Well into the ebb by now and the huge waves that had troubled the boys all morning started to ease off. The Codfather had another good bite, but he reeled in to find his hook length had snapped.
No more fish for our dynamic duo and at 3pm it was time to pack up. Excellent day out despite the lack of fish, weather made the trip worth while, both members looking very red and slighty crispy on the way home...
The Codfather - 2 whiting
Elpez2k - 1 Codling


Ogmore May 14th 2006, Evening high tide

3 members headed west to Ogmore the rain that had been forecast had held off most of the day and the wind was light, conditions similar to the excellent trip taken to Cods Gully in April.The lads arrived around 6pm, there were groups of anglers set up all along the shoreline from the main car park up past Cods gully.


The lads took the short walk to the small shingle beach situated between the main car park and the deeps and set up on the rock ledges on the left hand side of the beach. First casts hit the water around 6.30pm, a moderate SW wind and some large waves looking like they may cause a problem with bite detection.


First hour was not a good one, lots of weed in the water and no sign of any fish. The codfather brought out the Plikmaster hoping for some action, only to watch his 1st cast crack off and weight and rig go flying off into the distance. Tezza wasn't doing any better and soon found himself wedged in a snag resulting in lost tackle. Elpez2k was trying different bait combos to no avail.


High tide and Elpez2k finally hit into a bite, his disappointment couldn't be hidden as he wound in to find a crab and massive ball off weed on the end of the line. The wind was now dropping off and the light was starting to go there was hope yet. The codfather retackled the pilkmaster and slung it out hoping for anything.


9pm and still no fish, The Codfather had managed to get the Pilkmaster wedged in a snag and after an almighty heave poor old pilky couldn't take any more, the end section gave way with an almighty crack. The Codfather took a moment to stiffen his upper lip and think back to all the good times they had together before screaming and smashing the rest of pilky to oblivion. I'm sure there was a tear in his eye!


Elpez2k went for a chat with a few lads fishing further down and found out 1 whiting had been landed since 4pm, this was enough evidence for the lads. With the death of pilky, tackle losses at a high and no fish the lads packed up and headed for home.


Elpez2k - Blanked
The Codfather - Blanked
Tezza - Blanked


Cold Knap, May 20th 2006, Night high tide

Elpez2k and The Codfather decided to brave the rough weather and try and improve the months poor fishing stats. The lads set off from home around 9.30pm and took the 45 minute trip to Porthcawl pier. When the lads arrived the wind had dropped off to a reasonable level and the small amount of drizzle they had encountered on the way down had stopped. As the lads got to the pier they could see massive breakers smashing against the walls a result of the storms out at sea. With 3 hours to go until high tide the lads decided it was looking too risky to fish, so they jumped back in the car and headed for Barry.


The weather at Cold Knap was perfect, very little wind and no sign of rain. The lads set up on the far right hand side of the beach around 10.30pm. Elpez2k cast out his 1st bait and within 5 minutes the tip of his rod started rattling away and the nights 1st dogfish was pulled in. The Codfather still mourning the death of pilky was not to be outdone and he landed his 1st within half hour.


By midnight the lads knew they were in for a reasonable nights fishing, Elpez2k had landed another 2 doggies and The Codfather had managed to keep in check. At 3 a piece all went quiet for around 20 minutes giving our brave warriors time to have a cuppa and a choccy biscuit.


The Codfather hooked into another clonking bite pulling in his 4th doggie of the night a fine specimen of around 2lb. In the meantime Elpez2k was having serious snag issues and had lost 2 rigs to the rocky bottom. High tide arrived and Elpez2k managed to land another doggie making it 4 a piece.


Into the ebb and the bites were still coming strong. The Codfather managed to miss another clonking bite, as did Elpez2k who had also lost yet another rig making it 3 for the night.


2.30 am and a change of bait by Elpez2k paid off as he hooked into his 5th doggie of the night taken on a single sand eel. Within 15 minutes he was pulling in another taken once again on a single sand eel. Not to be outdone The Codfather struck at a bite and his rod bent over with the weight of his 5th Doggie of the night.


The lads fished till around 3.00am the bites were now drying up and the decision had been made to head for home. A good steady nights fishing in perfect Cold Knap weather, and finally some fish on the board for the month of May.


Elpez2k - 6 Dogfish

The Codfather - 5 Dogfish


Aberthaw, May 25th 2006, 2 hours after high tide


After a gloriously sunny Thursday day The Codfather and Elpez2k decided to try there luck at Aberthaw a new mark for both members. With the low tide time being around midnight the lads planned the trip as an opportunity to check out the venue more than a trip to catch fish.


The lads found their way to West Aberthaw and parked next to the power station at around 8pm. The boys met Dj Hex (a WSF forum member) in the car park and after a 5 minute chat about the venue the boys decided to head off together to fish around the "domes".


First casts hit the water around 8.45pm immediately Elpez2k had a massive knock and struck into a fish, it was a good size an as elpez2k tried to navigate down the rocky beach to the waters edge the fish started stripping line from the reel. Elpez2k carried on fighting until he could see the fish break the water about 30 yards out, then all of a sudden the line went slack and the fish was gone. Meanwhile The Codfather was having the odd knock and Dj Hex had managed to land a small codling taken on crab.


 Around the 10pm mark Elpez2k had another good bite an struck into another good fish, after a  problem with a snag about 40 yards out he finally pulled the fish free and landed the 1st conger of the year, it weighed in at just under 4lb. Meanwhile The Codfather wasn't having much luck and was having problems with the snaggy bottom causing loss of tackle.


11.30pm Elpez2k had tried swapping baits from crab to sand eel without success, The Codfather was busy loosing more tackle and Dj Hex had managed one more small Codling. The boys decided to have one more cast and then call it a night. Elpez2k switched back to crab and again straight the rod started knocking. Right at the last minute as the boys were thinking of packing up Elpez2k caught his second fish of the night a nice sized pouting about 1lb in weight. The Codfather looked on in Despair if only Pilky were still around....


With that the Boys packed up and took the endless walk back to the car park, leaving Dj Hex to fish the remainder of the ebb.


Elpez2k - 1 Conger, 1 Pouting

The Codfather - Blanked


St Brides (lighthouse), May 29th 2006, Evening high tide


Elpez2k and Shane B fished the lighthouse about 200 metres to the left of the pub. The lads put the 1st casts out around 8pm.


2 Hours later and not a single bite, the lads had 5 rods in the water by this point. Numerous baits had been tried including crab, squid, mackerel, ragworm and lugworm.


An hour into the ebb and finally Shane B had a massive bite, he leapt to his rod and with one deadly strike he connected with NOTHING........


And so it was, the lads packed up at 11.30pm after having one tidy bite. They did both manage to pull in a crab each, much to their surprise after being told by a local buff "no crabs down here mate".


Elpez2k - Blanked

Shane B - Blanked

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