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October 2006

Penarth, Tuesday October 3rd 2006, down to low tide


A new month begins for the SWFF with a trip to Penarth promenade in search of early codling. Despite some rough weather during the last week of September and early October a better night couldn't have been picked. There was no wind and the evening temperature made it a pleasure to fish. Elpez2k, CKK and The Codfather arrived at Penarth promenade around 8pm and took the short walk to the slipway on the left-hand side of the pier. First casts hit the water around 8.30pm with around 2.5 hours until low tide.


Up until 10.00pm things were very quiet, Elpez2k and CKK spent the time loosing tackle and The Codfather box snoozed on the slipway. Despite the bad start to the night the lads remained upbeat, this spot had always produced fish before and with the weather being so kind the lads spent the time talking endless shite to one another and rebaiting every 20 minutes due to an extremely annoying crab problem.


11.00pm and low water arrived and at last things started to pick up. First of CKK handed the lads some entertainment by letting out a mutha of a cast only to hear it connect with one of the pier legs after around 5 seconds flight. After a brief struggle he managed to free his rig and precious mackerel head and guts from the piers grasp and dropped it right at the base. It wasn’t long before CKK registered the 1st bite of the night on the aforementioned head and guts but unfortunately it came to nothing.


Just after low water and it was The Codfathers turn 1st bite of the night and he was into a fish, he knew it wasn't going to be any monster due to it being on the scratching rig. Safe to shore was the first fish of the night and The Codfathers 50th fish of the year, a small silver eel. After unhooking the slimy critter from The Codfathers rig of death he was set free to snot all over someone else’s towel.


Around 45 minutes after low water and both CKK and The Codfather had registered another bite each but no fish to show for them. Now came Elpez2ks turn, a clonking bite on whole squid seen him run to the rod and strike only to make a poor connection with the fish. Because the lads hadn't moved with the dropping tide there was also 60-70 yards of beach to cover before reaching the waters edge. Despite Elpez2k's best efforts to land the fish by the time he reached the water it had managed to free itself and the drama was over. Slightly gutted to say the least Elpez2k attached another whole squid and cast back out to the same spot within 5 minutes. As the lads discussed the lost fish incident Elpez2k's rod went slamming over again in a very similar fashion. Not to be outdone this time he struck hard and made good contact with the fish. The mutha was putting up one hell of a fight and as Elpez2k and The Codfather made there way to the shoreline the fight became more intense and Elpez2k was sure he was into a conger of around 4-5lb. The lads stood on the shore Elpez2k laughing at the run around the fish was giving him, The Codfather eagerly looking seaward hoping to catch a glimpse of the beastie. Finally the fish broke the surface around 20 yards out but it wasn't until it was right on the beach that the lads realized what it was. "Look at the F**king size of that" said The Codfather as Elpez2k dragged a stunning bass from the waters edge. Ckk had joined the lads at the shoreline to see what the fuss was about, the lads took the fish up the beach and dispatched it in the proper manner this one was going home for the dinner table. The fish weighed in at 5lb matching his personal best fish the conger caught at Goldcliff back in July.


Despite this giving our SWFF members a boost it wasn't long after that the lads decided to head for home with at least one member grinning like a cheshire cat. All of a sudden that 2.5lber caught at Caswell looks quite small.........


Elpez2k - 1 Bass

The Codfather - 1 Silver eel

CKK - Blanked


Barry waterfront, Friday 6th October 2006, no tide at venue

With mixed reports about this venue appearing on the world sea fishing forums the SWFF decided to try it out for themselves. The Codfather, CKK, Shane B and Elpez2k made the journey down the M4 and arrived at Barry waterfront just after 9.00pm. Only Newport transporter bridge and Knab rock in Swansea can offer fishing of this comfort. The lads pulled the vehicles onto the chosen jetty and set up right next to the cars, 1st casts hit the water around 9.45pm.


First hour or so passed quite quickly but without any action on the rods. The only action the lads did see was the local harbour authority coming down and slapping the lad’s wrists for parking on the jetty. The lads moved the cars all of 20 yards just to keep the stroppy buthead happy and carried on fishing. The lads had two ledger rods out each but now Elpez2k, The Codfather and Shane B set up float outfits in search of mini species just to help pass the time. Lots of little fish could be seen attacking the breadcrumbs the lads had thrown in to help bait up the area.


Around two hours in and just as the lads were ready to write this venue off as hopeless at last some action came their way. While the lads tried in vain to hook the smaller fish on the float outfits Shane B's rods and rest went clattering over into the railings he ran over and pulled them upright checking each rod for any indication on a fish on. As he picked up the one rod and tightened down he felt the resistance of a fish on the other end. Due to the size of the bait Shane B knew it was going to be a fish of considerable size and soon his fellow SWFF members were along side him waiting in anticipation to see what he had hooked into. As the fish broke the surface the lads were faced with the 2nd big bass in a week. With a big smile from ear to ear Shane B coaxed the fish in close to the wall, CKK was on hand with a landing net but after several attempts to get the fish in the net they realised that he just wasn't going to fit. Shane B pulled the fish around to the side of the jetty and passed the rod to Elpez2k and ducked under the railings to retrieve the now tired fish. At last the bass was safely ashore, after much admiration, some photos and a ride on the weighing scales (7lb) the fish named "mick" was released to fight another day. Shane B was very happy to say the least, a new personal best for himself and one of the biggest SWFF fish this year.


Mick had given our fish fighters a boost and they now set about fishing with renewed faith. Shane B was chatting to Elpez2k about his surprise of the lack of eels at such a venue, then his rod tip started rattling again. He ran over like Pete Doherty at a "free smack" convention and stuck hard into his 2nd fish of the night, as he pulled it from the depths attached to the rig was yep you guessed it a silver eel of around 6-8oz.


With no luck on the float gear Elpez2k changed tactics to light ledger gear and dropped it over the side of the jetty hoping to hook one of the slimy critters himself and finally get a silver eel on his species tally. It wasn't long before the light rod started bending ferociously towards the water. A quick strike and reel in seen a silver eel break the surface. "Yes" screamed Elpez2k I don’t think anyone has been as excited at catching one of these horrible things. Just as Elpez2k went to lift it over the railings the eel fell off back into the briny. Now rules are rules and because this fish wasn't landed it doesn’t count much to Elpez2k's annoyance. Not to be fazed by this he quickly rebaited and threw his line just over the edge again. Ten minutes later and the light rod gave another decisive bend towards the sea, again he struck and brought what he hoped was another eel to the surface. The difference this time was that it wasn't and eel but a small mullet of around half a pound, after a bit of help with the landing net from Shane B the fish was brought ashore to gift Elpez2k and the SWFF with their first mullet of the year. The fish was quickly unhooked and released.


1.00am and with a few fish on the board the lads started to enjoy themselves and talk started about coming back to fish this venue again. Only hours before they had given the venue a good slagging off. As the lads chatted Elpez2k received another good bite on the light gear. As he struck his rod almost bent in half and the other lads gave out and "ooooh" as they thought the rod reached its breaking limit. After a brief struggle Elpez2k brought his 2nd mullet of the night to the surface with a little help this fish was brought ashore and weighed this one was a much better size around the 2lb mark. To add to this moments after the fish had been released, Elpez2k's beach caster line went slack. As he struck he met an almighty resistance and after a few seconds fighting what ever had gobbled the bait the fish came off much to all the lads’ disappointment.


2.00am despite Shane B and Elpez2k having a good time; The Codfather and CKK were getting increasingly frustrated. CKK had spent the night targeting conger with large baits with no luck at all. The Codfather had mixed his tactics again with no result to show for it. Around 2.30am came CKK's chance to land a fish, after a very nervous bite CKK struck and met the same kind of resistance that Elpez2k had met earlier on. A huge bend appeared in the rod and the lads were sure they were going to see a conger of monstrous proportions. After a few seconds fighting the beast fate dealt a cruel blow and for the 2nd time this evening the fish managed to escape to safety.


3.00am and things had gone quiet for all concerned. The problem with this venue is because the tide has very little effect you could quite happily fish on into old age and never return home, providing you have an endless supply of bait that is. Much as this tempted the lads the decision was taken to call it a night (or morning) and the lads packed up and headed for home. Despite the slowish fishing a good night was had by all. The way things are going October could well turn out to be the best month of the year for the SWFF, only time will tell.....


Shane B - 1 Bass, 1 silver eel

Elpez2k - 2 mullet

CKK - Blanked

The Codfather - Blanked



Sudbrook, Tues 10th Oct'06, 22.15 High Tide 14.1m (Mild SE)

With reports of codling being caught around the Newport area the SWFF decided it was time to kick off the cod season by heading to old favourite Sudbrook for a session. BTF, Gaz407, CKK, Shane B and Elpez2k were joined by a fellow Philmor work colleague and son Jamie and Ashley. Both were new comers to the sport of sea angling. Also Wayne a fellow angler had been in touch after visiting the website and decided to join us for a session. The lads met at "Divers rock" around 8.15 pm, there were already a few other anglers there despite the water being a good 15 yards from the ledges. With the tide being on the large scale the lads squeezed on the ledges and took up every spare flat piece of rock they could find.


With the lack of water the lads took there time setting up introduced Jamie and Ashley to some of the gear and got to know Wayne a little better. Nice night to be out very little wind and not cold in the slightest. Just before 9.00pm and the water was now lapping at the base of the ledges and the lines started flying out into the briny. There were 12 people spread along the ledges so the lads felt sure at least one of them would land something.


Around 9.30pm and the first fish of the night was landed by..... Jamie and Ashley. Bringing the rod in to change the bait they were confronted by a wee silver eel attached to the bottom hook of a flapper. Very chuffed Ash and Jamie posed for photos before releasing the wee beastie back into the channel. First fish to the new comers! 10.00pm and the winter season well and truly kicked off, a shout from the far end of the ledges confirmed that BTF had landed the 1st codling of this season. A nice size compared to the Cod caught at the end of last year and beginning of this year, a few photos and the 1lb Codling was released.


High tide and the slack water provided some action all along the ledge, Elpez2k finally managed to land his 1st silver eel of the year after a good bite close in. At last the slimy bugger can be added to his species league and let not another one pass his line again until next year. Yet another shout from the right hand end and BTF was in again, Elpez2k headed down with the camera just in time to see BTF pull another codling of around 1lb. A quick photo and the fish was released. BTF now well chuffed 2 good sized codling for Sudbrook and he was starting to open up a lead on his old man. As Elpez2k headed back up the ledges he was stopped by one of the other anglers fishing next to BTF and Gaz407. After a quick intro it works out that we bumped into Welsh_Geezer from the WSF forums. Pleasure meeting you; hope to see you out and about again sometime.


Just as the ebb started Gaz407 managed to avoid the blank, after a good bite the 3rd codling of the night was landed. This one slightly bigger at around 1lb 4oz. Now despite his love of fishing Gaz407 has a bit of a phobia of handling live fish so rather than pose for a photo he let BTF do the honors and release the fish. This was probably the right thing to do as BTF seems to catch more than the old man and therefore has more experience of the whole catch and release thing anyway. After a brief SWFF meet its been decided that we should all chip in and by poor old Gaz407 a pair of marigolds to help him overcome this problem.


11.00pm and well into the ebb, with so many people fishing the ledges tangles were becoming a problem with every cast and retrieve. Still it was only to be expected on a monster tide with so many rods in the water. Shane B and CKK were plonked in the middle of the ledges and hadn't had a bit between them all night. Now Elpez2k and Gaz407 were on Shane B's case, giving him grief and looking forward to presenting him with the sardines of shame at work in the morning. Determined not to allow this out came the scratching outfit and the black bream death rig to try and do something about it. CKK has acquired an unhealthy obsession with conger and The General in particular and was determined to hunt for nothing but.


11.30 and finally Shane B saved himself from the dreaded "dines" not on the scratcher but on the zippy. After a good bite and a 10 minute untangle with nearly everyone fishing he pulled a nice codling from the depths. A good size too and easily one of the biggest this year so far at 1lb 10oz.  The fish was photographed, no rex hunt moment this time and released.


Midnight and with the water leaving the far right hand ledges Gaz407 and BTF headed for home. CKK and Wayne hung on to the bitter end hoping for a fish or conger in CKK's case but with no luck. At 00.30 the lads packed up and headed for home. Looks like summers behind us and Sudbrook will be our new home for the next few months. The fish have got bigger but one thing hasn't changed. BTF still whips the oldman every time they go there.....


BTF - 2 Codling

Gaz407 - 1 Codling

Shane B - 1 Codling

Elpez2k - 1 Silver eel

CKK - Blanked

Thanks to Jamie, Ashley, Wayne and Welsh_Geezer (soz didnt catch your mates name) for a cracking night.


Barry waterfront, Oct 13th 06, No Tide (medium E/SE)


After the excellent nights fishing the previous Friday the SWFF headed back to Barry Waterfront in Search of Mick the bass and some hardcore conger and mullet. A big meet for the SWFF this with Elpez2k, CKK, Shane B, The Codfather, BTF and Gaz407 out in force. The lads made their way down to the waterfront and proceedings began around 8.30pm. BY 9pm the lads were settled and 10-12 ledger rods stood on the jetty waiting for Mick and his buddies to turn up.


While they were waiting both BTF set up a float rod, Elpez2k set up a small scratching rig, Shane B pondered his next move and the rest of the lads sat back and amused themselves watching Barry’s infamous nightlife. Elpez2k dropped the scratcher over the side of the jetty and set about making some stinky ground bait using bread flake, sand eel, mackerel and squid juice, yummy! Whilst he was making this disgusting concoction overseen by Shane B his scratching rod started going like the clappers. A quick strike and nothing at the end! Still it was early and it was a good sign.


By 10pm the lad’s faith in Barry waterfront was being put to the test, not a single bite since the missed scratcher. Various baits were being offered but there were no fish playing tonight. Elpez2k and Shane B resorted to unleashing the course gear, armed with a pint of maggots they set about trying to increase the species count.


Midnight and no improvement in the fishing, BTF and Gaz407 got a rugby ball out and started having a kick about to pass the time. The lads discussed the possibility of packing up and heading for Cold Knap, but it was far too late now to make the move. Despite the crappy fishing the lads carried on hoping that one decent fish would make it worth while. Finally around 1.00am the deadlock was broken as Elpez2k pulled in a monster of a Goby caught on double maggot on a size 18 hook! Not quite the specimen the lads were hoping for.


By 1.30am enough was enough for The Codfather, BTF and Gaz407; they packed up and headed for home BTF suffering his 1st SWFF blank of the year. Determined to catch something Shane B picked up the pace with the course gear, Elpez2k went on the hunt for smelt and CKK threw out a mackerel flapper in search of a conger that eats babies, pisses acid and was spawned by the devil himself.


2.00am and Elpez2k had managed 2 more goby type thingies much to his annoyance as they were already on his hit list from the trip to mumbles in September. Finally Shane B joined in on the action by landing the 1st smelt of the campaign around 2.30am quickly followed by a goby to bump up his species tally another 2 notches. Elpez2k desperately trying to catch a stupid smelt thingy hooked into what must have been biggest fish of the night. A small whiting about 2 inches long caught on maggot. Poor old CKK had been patient all night and not a single bite until 20 minutes before leaving when a slow mouthy conger bite developed but nothing was to come of it.


No doubt Barry waterfront is a great spot in the summer months, but summer is well and truly behind us now and its time to concentrate on that what matters most COD!


Elpez2k - 3 Goby, 1 Whiting

Shane B 1 Smelt, 1 Goby

CKK - Blanked

The Codfather - Blanked

BTF - Blanked

Gaz407 - Blanked

Sudbrook, Wed Oct 18th '06, 17.35 High tide 12.0m (light E)
CKK, Elpez2k, BIG E and The Codfather headed to Sudbrook in search of cod. The lads arrived around 4.00pm a little later than planned due to a snack stop at a local service station for BIG E. After emptying the shop of its burger bites, flakes and Pepsi the lads pressed on and reached Sudbrook car park to find it full of anglers pimp mobiles. After a quick disscusion with The Codfather who had arrived 10 minutes earlier the lads set up on the beach. First casts hits the water around 4.30pm.

Up until high tide which was around 5.30pm there was little to report. Not a single bite for any member, all had two rods out except for the bigman who was to busy annoying the other members with his dodgy hurling noises whilst baiting up.


Into the ebb and things didn't improve by an hour down there still wasn't a bite registered on anyone’s rod. The other anglers on the beach and ledges didn't seem to be any better off either.


7.00pm and things were looking grim, surely the mighty Sudbrook wasn't going to let the SWFF down? A few people on the ledges started packing up and BIG E finished his last packet of burger bites. As a conversation about the next trip came to an end The Codfather walked over to his rods to find one showing a healthy bite. He struck and connected with a fish. There was a loud yell of "YEEEEEEEHHHHHH" as the fish hit the beach. The fish in question was a whiting of around 4oz the first whiting caught at Sudbrook by any SWFF member. As The Codfather was unhooking our special guest Elpez2k's scratcher started showing the odd knock. Not convinced he left it for a few minutes before curiosity got the better of him and he reeled the scratcher in. Attached on the bottom hook was a slimy silver eel. After much sliming of Elpez2ks rig and gear the little shit was set free.


That was the end for this little session, BIG E went back to the Bongo head hung in shame at the loosing of the "one trip one fish" title, and CKK spent several minutes trying to retrieve both his rigs with no luck. Hopefully they will act as an offering for Poseidon and he might let us catch some bloody fish......


The Codfather - 1 whiting

Elpez2k - 1 silver eel

CKK - blanked

BIG E - blanked


Cold Knap, Sat 21st oct'06 20.30 High tide 14.0m (Strong SW)

October has been a good month for the SWFF, some of our best fish had come over past few weeks, and although there weren’t as many fish as other months quality was given the shout over quantity. With this in mind the SWFF organised a meet at Cold Knap, although this venue hadn't fished well as of late its a great place for a social meet up and it was hoped as many as possible would attend. Saturday came and the weather was looking bad, with strong winds and rain in the morning, only the maddest of members decided to make the trip, as it turns out the weather and the fishing wasn't that bad....


First to arrive were Elpez2k and Shane b around 5.00pm, the weather was quite pleasant and the beach already packed with anglers. After a quick recon the lads drove to the far right of the car park and parked the cars right next to the beach. While they were setting up the lad next to them landed a 1.5lb codling, the lads got excited perhaps they were in for a good night. 6.00pm Wayne and Mark turned up, Wayne had took a trip to Sudbrook with us a week ago and somehow we hadn't put him off coming along again.


6.30pm the lads had been fishing for around an hour, conditions were looking good. Gaz407 and BTF were on their way as was The Codfather. No bites as of yet but with a huge selection of baits the mood was optimistic. By 7pm Gaz407 and BTF had arrived sporting new bling bling floatation suits, they had bumped into Gaz407's uncle in the middle of the car park and decided to fish with him in the centre of the beach promising to keep us in touch with how they were doing.


By 7.30pm The Codfather had also arrived and set up on the right with the rest of the lads. Still no bites but with the darkness now creeping in hopes were still running high. The Bongo Fury was put to good use as the lads moved up to the top of the pebbles and used the open van tailgate as a seat, much more comfy than one of those homemade backrests constructed by The Codfather.


High tide and still no action for the lads on the right except for Wayne who had a good bite, Mark stood by arguing he was fishing in his swim but it didn't matter as it came to nothing. Gaz407 and Co were doing slightly better in the middle BTF had a small pouting of around 4oz and uncle Miles had managed a dogfish.


Into the ebb and conditions started to deteriorate on came the wind and weed but still the lads held out. Gaz07 had managed to land a good sized whiting of around 1lb in the middle and The Codfather had lost a good fish due to a snag on the right. A few rigs had been lost on the far right by Shane B and Elpez2k and so far this had been the highlight of their night, Wayne and Mark were doing no better.


By 1.5 hours down the weed was a real problem and the wind had picked up to the point that it was hard to pick out bites. The Codfather headed for home fishless again unfortunately. Shane B managed to see a bite and reeled in his first fish of the night a small whiting of 2-3oz saving his blushes and putting the pressure on Elpez2k. Not long after and the lads on the right could here Gaz407 and BTF screaming in the middle of a now almost deserted beach. Seconds later Gaz407 phoned to say that BTF had landed a mutha of a bass that had pulled his rod down the beach, they were going to weigh it take some pictures and release the beast. Not long after and Gaz407 phoned back to confirm it was just over 8.5lb and that the fish had gone back unharmed.  Despite the damage to his rod BTF was buzzing with excitement, once again he had out fished the older SWFF members with a truly awesome fish.


By 3 hours down the weather was getting worse still but despite this Elpez2k managed his 1st fish of the night a small whiting of around 2oz. Some of the rigs lost earlier on had been recovered which makes a change. The lads called it a night and headed off to have a chat with Gaz407 and BTF. Not a great night for most members but being Cold Knap they always knew it would be one way or the other, thanks to Wayne and Mark for attending. BIG congrats to BTF no member is more enthusiastic about his fishing and it couldn't have happened to a nicer lad. You got some catching up to do now dad!


BTF - 1 pouting, 1 bass

Gaz407 - 1 whiting

Shane B - 1 whitng

Elpez2k - 1 whiting

The Codfather - blanked



Sudbrook, Wed 25th Oct'06, 21.20 High tide 12.0m (Strong SE)

With the weather being very rough during the week it didn't look like a trip was going to be possible. Then with a small glimmer of hope was given by the weatherman for Wednesday evening. Wednesday came and the weather didn’t look good, despite this Elpez2k, Gaz407 and BTF made the trip to Sudbrook hoping that the weather and the fishing would give them a break.


As the lads made there way to Divers the rain finally stopped and the lads arrived around 7.15pm to find the car park empty. The lads made there way to the ledges to find only 2 other lads fishing there. Elpez2k and BTF went to the left hand ledges and Gaz407 and his uncle Miles (who had been at the Knap to witness BTF's Bass) took up positions on the far right ledges. First casts hit the water around 7.40pm and conditions were looking good.


It didn't take long for the action to start; around 8.00pm Elpez2k had a good bite and struck into a fish. As he was pulling the fish in he shouted to VTF to give him a hand as the fish felt a good size. The shockleader knot broke the water and a massive ball of grass/weed had gathered around it, despite this with some quick teamwork the lads removed the offending weed and Elpez2k pulled a nice codling of around 1.5lb from the water.


A few other brave souls had come to try their luck by now and as usual the odd line tangle became a problem, also the weed was picking up and causing all sorts of grief. The problem continued all the way up until high tide and to make things worse there were no fish to show for it.


High tide and the slack water brought some relief for BTF as he continued his good form by adding another species to his list, pulling in his 1st silver eel of the year. Still no bites for Gaz407 or Miles down on the far end bit at least the weed problem was starting to ease.


With the weather holding off the lads were quite happy to stay despite the lack of fish and it wasn't until around 1.5 hours down Gaz407 avoided the dreaded blank. After a good bite he connected with a fish and pulled in a nice codling again around the 1.5lb mark. With work in the morning Elpez2k headed for home leaving the others to fish the last half hour down. No more bites for the members that stayed Sudbrook aint quite on form yet...


Elpez2k - 1 codling

BTF - 1 silver eel

Gaz407 - 1 codling


Ogmore, Fri 27th Oct'06, 23.30 High Tide 12.0m (mild SW)

Reports were coming in all week that the dogfish had made a return to the shore line around the Porthcawl area. With this in mind Elpez2k, The Codfather and CKK headed to Ogmore deeps hoping to do a spot of dogging. CKK and Elpez2k arrived around 8.00pm with The Codfather arriving around 8.30pm just after the 1st casts had hit the water.


The weather was good but with the tide being a little on the large side the breakers were hitting the ledges with some force causing our SWFF members to build camp a fair way back from the edge. Despite this problem the action soon started Elpez2k striking into a fish after around 15 minutes. Safely ashore was his 1st dogfish in quite a while, a good size too weighing in around 1.5lbs. Within 20 minutes of that number 2 was on the board for Elpez2k, another doggie this one a handsome beast of around 2lb.


It didn't take long for CKK to join in on the action pulling in his 1st of the night another doggie of around 1.5lb. Although this was all very good fun the lads were having a few snag problems and by an hour or so into the session Elpez2k was 2 rigs down and CKK had lost one too. The lads fished on and by high tide Elpez2k had landed another doggie and lost one close in and CKK had also lost another fish close to the shore.


Into the ebb and The Codfather was getting frustrated, both Elpez2k and CKK had lost another doggie each and another rig. The Codfather switched sides and fished further up the ledge hoping to avoid whatever the other lads were snagging on.


Around an hour down and both CKK and Elpez2k pulled in another doggie each, this did little to comfort Elpez2k who was now down by 4 rigs and 5 leads. The Codfather finally landed his 1st doggie of the night around 1.5 hours down much to his relief. Although there was chance to fish on and probably land a few more the lads knocked it on the head around 2 hours down, the aggravation of loosing so much gear outweighing the fun of pulling in the dogfish.


Elpez2k - 4 dogfish

CKK - 2 dogfish

The Codfather - 1 dogfish


Goldcliff, Mon 30th Oct'06, 18.30 low tide 4.9m (strong SW)

Plans were made for a mid week trip to Penarth in search of codling and conger. But after Shane B picked up the bait, Clive in Garry Evans recommended a trip to Goldcliff. This sounded all too familiar to Elpez2k who wasn't happy with choice of venue. Still if that’s where the fish are then it had to be worth a go...


The lads arrived around 7.30pm to find some anglers already on the way back to the cars. After a quick chat the lads marched on to the mark to find it packed with anglers. After much deliberation over where to set up, the lads picked the stretch running along the seawall as the tide was already moving up at a steady pace. The wind was howling up the channel but at least it was dry and quite mild. First casts hit the water around 8.00pm.


Within half hour of setting up elpez2k had the 1st bite of the night, he struck but there was some confusion over whether there was a fish attached. As the rig broke the water a small shiny whiting could be seen, this fish was the SWFF's 400th fish of the year. Not long after and Shane B's first bite of the night came knocking, he struck and wound in to find an empty rig much to his dismay.


Another half hour and Shane B had another crack at the whip, a good bite followed up by a good strike produced his 1st fish of the night and the SWFF's 401st fish (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it). Safe ashore was the 1st codling of the night a nice size too weighing just over 1.5lb. Almost in reverse of the events earlier in the night Elpez2k soon had another bite but missed with the strike reeling in nothing.


10.00pm and things had gone quiet for a while, the lads spoke to a few other anglers and it seems the best fishing had been around low water. A few good size codling had been caught biggest being 3lb, whiting and a few strap conger had also shown. Around 10.30pm and Elpez2k had a slackliner that got the lads excited but there was no fish to show for the sudden burst in energy.


11.00pm and the lads had moved back with the tide around 50 yards, the seawall was now well along side them and this provided some shelter from the strong south westerly wind. With the fishing now slow and the conditions very comfortable Shane B went into boxsnooze mode while Elpez2k kept eye on the rod tips.


Coming up to midnight and Shane B now awake put out the most monstrous of worm baits hoping to tempt any fish in the area, meanwhile Elpez2k tried some fish baits in the hope of a conger over the rough ground. Both attempts were in vain as no more bites for our SWFF members on this trip. At high tide 00.30am the lads called it a night and headed for home. At least the rig wallets were intact this time....


Elpez2k - 1 whiting

Shane B - 1 codling


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