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November 2006

Goldcliff, Wed 1st Nov'06, 21.54 low tide 4.1m (minimum SW)

After a promising session at Goldcliff earlier on in the week Shane B and Elpez2k headed back to the same venue to try kick start the November stats. No mistake this time in terms of time and the lads arrived around 7.30pm a good 2 hours before low tide. A brief walk down to the mark and only a small group of anglers were fishing the far end of the mall. With some worm shortages at local tackle shops the lads came armed with all the could get which consisted of 5 of rag, 2 raps of black lug, a box of squid and some frozen king prawns hastily bought from Tescos en-route.


The lads set up around 3/4 of the way along the mall, conditions were excellent a south westerly wind was blowing across the bay but it was very light. The sea was like a mill pond and it was very cold, with out a doubt this was the 1st SWFF session for cod that felt like winter fishing. First casts hit the water around 8.20pm, unfortunately Elpez2k's rig was no longer connected to the reel as it cracked off when casting. Signs of a bad night he thought....


Up until low water it was very quiet, not a bite for either of the lads. They spent there time talking to an angler from the Rhondda who divulged some information on some marks the SWFF were hoping to visit during the summer. Like wise the lads helped (where they could) by supplying some information on a few marks of our own.


Low water arrived and almost instantly the bites started, a few timid knocks at first for both members before Elpez2k finally had a proper bite. He struck and made connection with the fish a good battle ensued which had Elpez2k expecting a cod or conger in the 4-5lb bracket. He was amazed to see a codling of 1.5lb break the water, safely on land the fish was photographed before being released. The bites continued every 10 minutes or so one of the lads would get excited as a good knock would come their way, despite this there were no fish to show for them.


Approaching an hour into flood and Shane B finally made connection with a fish, again a codling and again in the 1.5lb bracket, this one was special though as it marked Shane B's 100th fish of the SWFF year. The lads had been in the middle of moving the gear to escape the tide when the fish had taken the bait so the camera was some distance away. So not to cause the fish any more distress it was released, although it took some time to regain its strength it did finally swim off safe and sound.


The lads made another push to avoid the incoming tide around 2 hours up, a move back to where they had fished a few nights earlier nearly ended in disaster. As the lads went back to the old spot to collect the rest of the gear both the tackle boxes were starting to float away, a quick salvage and all the gear was saved if a little damp. The lads shared out the rest of the bait and went for one last cast hoping to improve the number of fish caught. About 15 minutes after slinging em out Shane B's rod tip bounced up as his weight left bottom; unsure as to whether it was a fish he waited for 5 minutes before picking the rod up and reeling in. As he started to reel in he gave the shout fish on, this critter was also putting up a good fight and as it broke the water the lads could see it was a better size. On shore it weighed in just over the 2lb mark, despite Shane B's best efforts this fish wasn't going to go back alive so it was kept for tea.


That action saw the night come to an end; once again not great fishing but still nice to have a few fish on what was almost certainly the beginning of winter.


Shane B - 2 codling

Elpez2k - 1 codling



Porthkerry, Sat 11th Nov, 22.24 high tide 10.2m (strong SW/W)

After much deliberation over where to head for this weekends trip, the lads chose cods gulley at Ogmore. Elpez2k and CKK arrived around 8.30pm to find huge breakers hitting the beach and some really strong south westerly winds, there was no way they could fish in conditions these bad. After around 10 minutes trying to decide where to go to escape the weather the lads opted for Porthkerry and off they headed back in the direction they had came. The Codfather was on his way and diverted to meet Elpez2k and CKK at Cold Knap where the weather was equally as bad. A quick drive around the corner proved to be the right move, Porthkerry was like a mill pond with only the odd blast of wind to affect the night’s proceedings. The lads set up at the end of the path next to the golf course and first casts hit the water around 9.30pm.


It didn't take long for the fish to come a knocking, both CKK and The Codfather registering bites within the first 10 minutes. But it was Elpez2k that hooked into the first fish after around quarter of an hour, the fish felt a good weight and was putting up a good fight, around 30 yards out Elpez2k hit a snag and the fish managed to escape. Not amused Elpez2k quickly threw out bait and was hooked into a fish again in minutes. This time the line had travelled far to the right and was over the top of CKK's, after a quick scramble down the beach Elpez2k lifted a dogfish out of the surf, only to see it fall off and escape while trying to untangle the lines. Just to add to his good start his other rod was now snagged causing the loss of the first rig of the night.


Half hour into the session and The Codfather landed the first dogfish of the night, this poor sod was hooked through the top of the head in typical Codfather fashion; CKK quickly followed landing another both were around 1.5lb in wieght. Elpez2k had tied on a new shock leader and rig and headed down the beach, as he cast the whole lot cracked off and flew into the distance towards Cold Knap. The other lads had a chuckle; "amateur night is it" was the cry along the beach.


The bites continued and by the time high tide had arrived Elpez2k had finally got his act together and managed to land his first dogfish of the night. Around the same time The Codfather showed his true genius, using mind control he persuaded a dogfish to headbut his hook giving itself a 2/0 eyebrow piercing and The Codfather opportunity to reel him in. How he hooks these fish in such strange places is anyone’s guess. One day anglers will talk of his legend and try and mimic his methods, none shall ever match his mystical ways. High tide had brought with it calmness in the weather and the sea couldn't have been any flatter. The bites kept coming as the ebb started, and by an hour down Elpez2k had landed doggy number two and had lost another in the surf as did CKK.


Midnight arrived and the bites had slowed, this could be down to the fact the fish baits were shelved for a while. Worm was now order of the day as the lads looked for species other than dogfish. A few more rigs went missing for Elpez2k and CKK on the snaggy Porthkerry bottom. By half midnight The Codfather decided he had gifted the other members long enough with his mystical presence and headed for home. The other members pushed down the beach hoping for a few more fish.


Not long after the codfather had departed and CKK brought in another doggie making it 2 a piece. A switch back to any fish bait and the doggies would come a running, with no bites on any of the worm baits back to fish it was. Elpez2k was now making up for his bad start and dogfish number 3 and 4 came in quick succession biggest being around1.5lb. Another few bites for both members lead to fish coming off close to shore, by 2am the lads could have been into double figures.


3am and things had slowed down, the lads were switching between the baits still pushing for other species. CKK finally had a good knock and made connection with what he thought was a good conger. As so many fish had done this night though it broke free some distance from shore.


By 4am the lads had managed to retrieve some of the lost gear and save several doggies that had swam back up the beach. It was time to call it a night, good weather, good fishing and good company what more can you ask for?


Elpez2k - 4 dogfish

The Codfather - 2 dogfish

CKK - 2 dogfish



Penarth, Fri 17th Nov 06,  22.41 Low tide 3.3m (moderate SW)

Elpez2k, The Codfather and Wanner headed off to Penarth promenade in the search for codling. With reports of good size whiting and dogfish in the area the lads hoped for a busy night. First to arrive was The Codfather for a change, quickly followed by Elpez2k and Wanner. By 8.30 pm all the lads were set up and in the water just to the left of the pier.


Within 10 minutes of casting Elpez2k had a few small knocks, unfortunately this came to nothing. The next hour passed without incident, the lads spent the time chatting about fishing marks and dodging the odd shower under Elpez2k's umbrella. The water was moving down the beach at a fair old rate and the lads made several moves to keep themselves close to the waters edge.


Still no action for the lads all the way down to low tide, by now the lads were casting out onto clean sand and a discussion started about tide sizes for this venue and whether it was worth fishing on this size tide. By 11.30 pm the tide had turned and so had The Codfathers patience he headed for home fishless once more.


An hour or so into flood and finally things picked up a few small knocks for Elpez2k resulted in a small whiting of around 4oz. Not the greatest fish in the world but after the sorry start to the night it made a welcome change. Not long after and the heavens opened, not rain this time but hail. The hail attack only lasted a few minutes but it was really heavy, the lads cowered under the umbrella and thought about calling it a night.


The lads had decided to stick with it, and by 2am the water was well on its way back up the beach. Another bite for Elpez2k resulted in another whiting of around 3-4oz, followed by another down pour of rain/hail. The lads were now fishing over the rough stuff and a few more bites for the dynamic duo but no fish.


3.30am and the lads were pushed up to the sea wall, Wanner looking at yet another blank finally had the bite he had been waiting for all night. Despite it being a monster of a bite it came to nothing. To add insult to injury Wanner then decided to take a close look at the sand by falling arse over tit with both rods in hand.


4am and the lads were now up on the slipway, with the weather still playing up and no more fish in the last 2 hours the lads headed for home after a disappointing session. Wanner had mentioned not adding his stats to the website until next year, the way its going I don't blame him........


Elpez2k - 2 whiting

The Codfather - blanked

Wanner - Blanked

Sudbrook, Sat 25th Nov 06, 21.43 high tide 21.3m (mod SW/W)

With the weather seriously screwing up the fishing this month, the lads opted for a short session at Divers rock. Weather forecasts weren’t good but the lads decided to chance it anyway. With the ledges being so busy this cod season Elpez2k, Shane B and Wanner headed out there for 7pm to get a good spot. This worked a treat, when the lads reached the ledges they were all empty and they quickly went about setting up. Armed with some prime blow lug, black lug and live peeler crab all concerned were hoping for a good session.


8pm and the water was now starting to lap at the bottom of the ledges, a few more anglers had turned up and a phone call from The Codfather and BIG E to say they were on there way to join the nights proceedings. First casts hit the water around 8.15pm, and it didn't take long for the bites to start. First into a fish was Shane B around 8.30pm, after a good bite he made connection with the nights 1st codling a fine fish weighing in at 1.5lb. About 20 minutes after that and Elpez2k reeled in to find the smallest pin whiting known to man attached to his rig. All 3 inches of it were thrown back to grow a little.


9pm and Shane B made connection with his 2nd fish of the night, this one was putting up a good fight and as it broke the surface it looked a good size. After climbing down the ledges and some trouble freeing the weight which was stuck in amongst the rocks the fish was finally brought safely to shore. A nice codling that weighed in at 2.5lb and had Shane B beaming like BIG E in a sweet shop. Speaking of the legend that is BIG E, around 9.10pm he turned up with The Codfather in tow. They quickly set up hoping to get in on the action.


Just before high tide and Shane B hit his 3rd codling of the night, yet another nice bite, and at the end another codling in the 1.5lb bracket. Wanner and Elpez2k could do nothing but look on in dismay. Was he using the WD40 again?? BIG E opened his food stash tonight’s snack of choice was cheesy Doritos, not much snacking for BIG E I here you cry? This bag was big enough that it could be used as a storm shelter once empty.


Into the ebb and the bites had dropped off, not much action until around an hour down when Elpez2k thought he was going to open his new rod account. Despite a good bite the line became snagged on the way in and the fish was lost. Around 11.30pm and The Codfather and BIG E headed for home after not a single bite between them. With little action for the other members they too headed off at midnight, a good session for Shane B at least and a fish on the board for Elpez2k. As for Wanner, well things can't get any worse can they???


Shane B - 3 codling

Elpez2k - 1 whiting

Wanner - blanked

The Codfather - blanked

BIG E - blanked



Transporter bridge, Wed 29th Nov 06, Low tide 19.39 4.4m (mild SW)

Elpez2k and Shane B had spent the day trying to think of a venue to fish from the cars. Shane B had his newest family member to baby sit, Chester the boxer was coming on his 1st SWFF outing. The lads finally settled on Cardiff barrage, after a few quick texts Wanner and CKK jumped onboard too. Despite no knowledge of the venue the lads set a plan in place and decided to meet at the barrage at 7.30pm


Although all 4 members took their own cars, the meet up proceeded with military precision and all the members arrived within 5 minutes of each other. This is where the problems started, without any knowledge of the venue the lads were faced with an unfishable mark. No water, no easy access and the barrage was closed. After about half hour trying to decide what to do the lads opted to try and find the other side of the closed barrage. The next 2 hours or so were spent in a cannonball style run around our beloved capital, as the SWFF took in all the sights but didn't manage to find the other side.


The lads were expecting an easy nights fishing and with no boots 'n' suits for beach fishing the choice of venue was restricted to Barry waterfront or the transporter bridge in Newport. With the toss of a coin the lads were on there way to the transporter bridge.


The SWFF arrived at the bridge around 9.15pm and things didn’t look good, with high tide being around 2am the water was still quite away out. CKK had seen enough and headed for home, the other members stayed and weighed up the situation. Finally Shane B decided to chuck a rod out while Elpez2k and Wanner looked on. The lads chuckled about the nights proceedings and time passed quickly, finally around 10.30pm Elpez2k and Wanner joined in with the fishing.


The determination of the 3 amigos standing in the middle of Newport "hood" paid off around 11pm. Shane B had thrown a small flattie rig over the edge and after a good bite reeled in a small flounder to pull his species tally level with Elpez2k with 1 month to go. This was also the SWFF's first flounder of 2006 to take our species tally to 22 for the year. As Shane B was celebrating Wanner had knock that resulted in a small silver eel being pulled from the briny.


Midnight and despite the lack of fish the weather was good so the lads fished on. Wanner was next into action a good bite resulted in his 2nd snotter of the night. Not long after and Elpez2k's chance came begging. After good bite on the light gear he struck but missed the fish. This signalled the end of the night’s and months fishing and at 1am the lads headed for home.


Wanner  - 2 silver eel

Shane B - 1 flounder

Elpez2k - blanked


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