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December 2006

Porthcawl, Fri 1st Dec 06, high tide 3.45 (12.4m), Strong S/SW

With reports of good numbers of whiting and dogfish on WSF Elpez2k, CKK and Wanna headed for Porthcawl pier to open the accounts for December. The previous month had been a disappointment not because of the fishing, but because the weather had been so bad. December was to start off exactly the same, the lads arrived at the pier around 9pm and low water. They took the short walk to the end of the pier to find a few lads already fishing so they set up on the top wall. The breakers were smashing against the pier and there was around 50 yards of rough surf at the bottom. The wind was bearable but every so often a strong gust would come howling along.


The first hour went by without incident, the lads were having trouble holding bottom with the rough seas. Around 11pm the surf started to break over the pier giving the lads a shower or two. The other anglers on the end weren’t fairing much better but they did pull in the odd doggy or two. Midnight came and with the water flooding the bay next to the harbour, the lads considered moving to the inner wall to escape the ever increasing breakers. Then out of the darkness appeared The Codfather to join the night’s proceedings, as a welcome a massive wave broke over the pier and the lads finally made their minds up and moved to the inner wall.


By the time the SWFF had made the move to the inner wall it was half midnight. There wasn't much room for the lads to fish as a few other anglers had claimed the end, The Codfather sat back and took in the sights and sounds of Iya-But-Bay while CKK lobbed a conger bait into the harbour. Elpez2k and Wanna threw a rod out in the direction of the pier; the weather was a little calmer in the bay but still not the greatest to be out in. The time was passed watching some nutter rocking out to queen; he was doing some mental air guitar in front of his car parked in the harbour. Also a bunch of teenie pissheads were braving the breakers flooding over the pier, surely one of the most idiotic things the SWFF have seen to date.


1am and The Codfather had seen enough he headed for home without even unpacking a rod. The other members stayed to try and use up some of the bait, within 10 minutes of The Codfather leaving all hell broke loose. First off Wanna had a bite and reeled in a small dogfish, more of a pupfish really. Within seconds of his catch Elpez2k was in too, he reeled in to find a nice sized doggy and a whiting attached to his two hook flapper. CKK seen the action was starting and joined in the proceedings by chucking a rod out into the bay.


By 2am the dogfish were coming thick and fast Elpez2k and CKK were catching one a cast with the odd whiting thrown in for good measure. Poor old Wanna was roped into unhooking the greedy buggers with his T-bar managing to pull the odd doggie in between unhooks. By 3 am both Elpez2k and CKK were into double figures on the doggy front with some good sized fish up to 2lb. Elpez2k has said to CKK on the way to Porthcawl that he wasn't going home until he caught 20 fish, it was now starting to look possible.


High tide was approaching and the lads were really starting to enjoy the nights fishing. Every so often a double hit of doggies would come along for Elpez2k, and CKK was having fun doing a spot of pup surfing by winding our greedy friends across the top of the water. He also had a good bite on the mackerel flapper that was cast into the harbour but the fish came off much to the lad’s disappointment. On the stroke of high tide Elpez2k had another bite and started winding in what he thought would be another doggy, much to the lad’s surprise it was a ray. The fish was brought to the edge of the wall and CKK slowly hand lined it up, this was Elpez2k's first decent sized ray and a new personal best fish weighing in at 5.5lb. The small eyed ray was quickly photographed and released to fight another day.


5am and it was getting stupid Elpez2k and CKK were more or less neck and neck at around 16 doggies each. Wanna had caught around 4 and had unhooked around 30. With bait now running low Elpez2k managed to bring in 3 dogfish on the same piece of macky and squid. The lads carried on fishing until around 6am, the fish were still coming at a decent rate and Wanna went on a bit of a late run and pulled in 3 or 4 in the last 45 minutes. For the first time in ages the lads had managed to get through the bait they had took, and had managed to catch more fish in one night than the whole of last month. An excellent nights fishing that was great fun, Elpez2k got his 20 fish, CKK set a new SWFF record with 21 fish in a session and as for Wanna well he got some unhooking practice.


CKK - 19 dogfish, 3 whiting

Elpez2k - 17 dogfish, 2 whiting, 1 small eyed ray

Wanna - 8 dogfish


Cold Knap, Sat Dec 9th 06, high tide 21.45 (12.4m), Mod NW


With a good start to the month the SWFF headed to Cold Knap full of confidence and hoping to add to the months stats. Five members headed down for 8pm to find the beach lit up like a crimbo tree with anglers. The wind was making it feel very cold but it was dry, so Elpez2k, CKK, Shane B, Wanna and for only his 2nd trip this year Tackle tart headed down the beach towards Porthkerry. Once clear of their sporting kin they set up and first casts hit the water around 8.20pm.


Shane B had spoke to another angler on the way down the beach who had told him that there wasn't much happening; despite this it didn't take long for the first fish to hit the shore. Elpez2k had a good knock no more than 10 minutes after casting, after a good strike and retrieve the 1st dogfish of the night was landed. With so many dogfish being landed lately the greedy bugger was thrown back without the fuss of a photo. The lads were sure there would be plenty more to come anyway and within five minutes of casting Elpez2k had another good bite but missed with the strike.


The good start turned out to be misleading, the next half hour or so went past without incident. The wind was dying off and it was becoming mild and very comfortable fishing. Around 9.30pm and a few fish were caught in succession, Wanna managed another fine pupfish while CKK pulled in a whiting. Soon after The Codfather turned up for his half a session routine.


Another half hour of nothing except a few crossed lines, the odd lost rig and Wanna falling over. Don't fancy being stuck in between him and BIG E at cod’s gulley! Shane B managed to pull in a dogfish just after high tide to get himself off the mark. Tackle Tart had come equipped with his latest piece of bling, the Century WR300 and was getting increasingly pissed off at his lack of bites. CKK was living up to his name and pulled in his 1st doggie of the night and his 2nd fish of the evening.


Half hour into the ebb and The Codfather brought in a poor cod, oops I mean a pouting. This kept old Afur Trip as he'll be known next year happy. Wanna pulled in his 2nd doggie of the night soon after, and promptly fell over to celebrate. Twice in one night, at this rate I’ll have to build a "falling over" stat table for next year. Just to make his night worse the battery cable went on his headlight, what a great night he was having.


Midnight came Shane B managed to add to his tally with his 2nd dogfish of the night. Soon after and the Cold Knap Kid lived up to his name, after a good bite he hit into a good scrap with a large fish. After a minute or so a nice sized conger was brought to the shore, Elpez2k and The Codfather gathered round to admire and the lads were all expecting it to be around 7lb. After a quick photo and a weigh it came in surprisingly at 5lb, very long and lean. Still a nice fish to make the trip seem more worth while, the fish was released without any more distress and swam off backwards keeping its beady eye on CKK. One day he'll come back and bite his balls off when he's out wading.


Another half hour and The Codfather headed for home, not long after and the rest of the lads decided enough was enough. As Tackle Tart wound in he found a dogfish at the end of the line to avoid the shame of blanking and receiving a ribbing off Shane B all the way home. Not the great night that the lads had hoped for but there have been worse.


CKK - 1 dogfish, 1 whiting, 1 conger

Shane B - 2 dogfish

Wanna -  2 dogfish

Elpez2k - 1 dogfish

The Codfather - 1 pouting

Tackle Tart - 1 dogfish



Sudbrook, Mon 11th Dec 06, 23.15 high tide (11.0m) Mod W

Elpez2k and Shane B headed out to Sudbrook with some left over worm from the weekends proceedings. The idea was to fish Pathern Mill, but by the time the lads reached Black Rock car park neither was in the mood for the walk or the mud. A quick trip to the papermill and the lads chose to try the platform behind the pumping station. Benny and BIG E had tried here once before with no luck, but on a small tide the lads felt confident it was worth a try.


Our SWFF duo arrived around 9.15pm and after inspection of the platform decided it was easier to fish the beach next to it. The lads hopped down on the right hand side of the platform and by 9.30 pm both had a rod out. The lads sat back and waited eagerly for some action.


The lines were getting pulled up the channel slightly but it was bearable, after about 15 minutes Elpez2k had the smallest of bites but left the rod to see if it would develop. After around 25 minutes the lads decided to try and retrieve their rigs before setting up another rod each. Elpez2k went first and after about 40-50 yards of reeling the line became snagged. The whole process of reeling in had felt unusual and after a few minutes of trying Elpez2k managed to free the line and carried on reeling in. "There's something on this" was the shout to Shane B and sure enough a nice codling broke the surface around 15 yards out. The fish weighed in around the 1lb 12oz mark and a new codling PB for Elpez2k.


Shane B was next to retrieve, in exactly the same manner as Elpez2k everything was fine for the first 50-60 yards before he became snagged. Despite his best efforts Shane B couldn't get the line free and ended up losing the lot. With high tide approaching the lads had to make the decision, stay and fish a very snaggy unknown mark or make the break for Divers rock. After a few minutes weighing it up the lads packed up and headed back to divers.


By the time Elpez2k and Shane B had set up on Divers rock it was half hour before high tide. The bites came almost instantly for both members, but these were small bites not big enough to try and strike at. High tide arrived and despite a few bites each there were no fish to show for it, the lads were now wondering if the move was worth it.


Into the ebb and about half hour down Shane B had a huge bite that took him by surprise, by the time he got to the rod it was to late the bite had stopped. Within 10 minutes he had a second bite another really hard knock, this bite was a single snatch at the bait as Shane B went to pick the rod up the bite stopped and nothing more came of it. With so many little knocks all night Elpez2k had ignored the small bites he had been receiving for the last 10 minutes or so. When he eventually wound in there was the smallest of codling attached to the end of the rig.


The lads fished on until around an hour down, with the tide being on the smaller side the water was now leaving the bottom of the ledges and retrieval was becoming more difficult so the lads headed for home. The area surrounding the platform is worth spending a little time investigating, time for Elpez2k the recon man to do his business...


Elpez2k - 2 codling

Shane B - Blanked


Penarth, Sat 16th Dec 06, Low tide 21.40 (4.1m) Mild SW/W

With some good codling being caught around the area of the Ranny, Elpez2k, Shane B, The Codfather and Wanna headed to Penarth to see if the codling were around. The lads arrived around 8.30pm and after a little indecision about where to fish they eventually settled just to the right of the pier. The weather was good and although it was a cold the rain had held of and conditions were very pleasant.


First casts hit the water around 9pm Elpez2k and Wanna being the first two members to cast out. Shane B had his pissy pants on, not sure if the codling would be around this area he held back setting up for a while to see if there was any action. As it happens he didn't have to wait very long, after a few good knocks within the first 10 minutes, Elpez2k struck into a fish after around 25 minutes. This fish put up a good fight and after a trouble free retrieval Elpez2k had a nice codling on the shore just short of 2lb. The fish was hooked deeply and although Elpez2k tried for 5 minutes to return the fish it was to no avail.


After Elpez2k's codling it didn't take long for Shane B to remove his pissy pants and unpack his tackle. Unfortunately his session didn't start well, his first rig melted on his tilly lamp and his second cracked off and headed for England. After a brief moment throwing his toys out of the pram he thought about packing up and heading home, finally he saw sense and carried on.


Low water arrived and with it came some action. Wanna had a massive knock that came to nothing followed by Elpez2k having a good knock but missing with the strike. About 20 minutes later and Wanna pulled in the first pin whiting of the night, this time he managed to retrieve the fish without falling on his arse. Another good bite went missing for Elpez2k and Shane B also missed a good bite.


Into the flood and more bites but no fish to show for it. Elpez2k dropped down to a flapper to see if it was more small whiting causing the knocks. Soon after and Shane B managed to open his account for the night, after a good bite he landed a whiting of around 5-6oz. This was quickly followed by Wanna landing his second whiting of the night, again around 5oz.


The Codfather was having a quiet night and old "afur trip" headed for home around midnight leaving the rest of the SWFF to fish on. The bites were still coming and every so often one of the lads would jump up after a hard bite expecting a fish on. This was not the case and no other fish were seen until around 1.30am when Elpez2k jumped on a good bite and struck into his second fish of the night. After a clean retrieval Elpez2k had his second codling on the shore, this one was smaller weighing in at around the 1lb mark. The lads fished on until around 2am with no more fish being landed to put and end to a slow but entertaining nights fishing.


Elpez2k - 2 codling

Wanna - 2 whiting

Shane B - 1 whiting

The Codfather - Blanked

Sudbrook, Wed 20th Dec 06, High tide 18.45 (12.4m) NO Wind

Elpez2k and Shane B braved the fog and headed to divers rock at Sudbrook. With the lads being in work till 4.30pm and high tide being at 6.45pm the race was on to get there and get as much fishing done a possible. As it worked out the lads were set up and cast out by 5.50pm. The weather was unusual to say the least, thick fog obstructed the view of the bridge and with only the slightest of easterly winds the sea was probably the flattest we have seen all year.


From the off the bites were there but not big clonking cod bites but little knocks, both Shane B and Elpez2k were experiencing them. With both members having large baits out the lads held back on striking waiting for a sure sign of a fish on. The fog was incredibly thick by now and visibility was down to about 10-20 yards at best.


Just after high tide and the first fish of the night was landed. Shane B reeled in to find a small codling of 4-6oz attached to his rig. This was a typical Sudbrook codling of last winter, but not what the lads were used to this season. Still the small bites every 10 minutes or so were plaguing the lads with the odd good rattle in between.


Into the ebb and around half hour down and Elpez2k finally landed his first fish of the evening. The bite didn't even show and it was a bait change that forced Elpez2k to reel in. At the end of the rig another small codling around the 4oz mark. Not long after and Shane B lost a fish at the base of the rocks after a good bite.


The rest of the night passed without any real action, despite Elpez2k dropping down in bait size and slinging out a 3 hook flapper no ore fish were landed. Around 9pm the lads headed for home, disappointed at the nights proceedings. This could well have been the SWFF’s last trip for this year. It’s not really the way any of us would have wanted the year to end. But with just over a week to go until new year they may just be chance of one more trip...


Elpez2k - 1 codling

Shane B - 1codling


Porthcawl, Sat 23rd Dec 06, High Tide 21.45 (13m) Mod E

With the end of the year fast approaching the SWFF headed to Porthcawl to try and reach the 500 fish target for the year. Elpez2k and Shane B arrived around 7.00pm to find the pier and short arm already quite busy. The lads managed to squeeze on the short arm in the same place that had fished so well at the start of the month. First casts hit the water around 7.30pm and not long after Wanna appeared out of the fog to join in the nights proceedings.


The bites were there from the off and by 8.00pm the first fish was on the shore. Elpez2k had struck after a good bite and reeled in a small whiting of around 3-4oz. Both Shane B and Elpez2k had set up light tackle and were fishing close to the wall with scratching rigs. Not long after the first catch of the night and Shane B was in. He pulled in a small whiting again in the 3-4oz bracket. Things were looking good only 24 fish left to catch!


By 9.00pm things were in full flow, Both Shane B and Elpez2k landing a couple of pin whiting each on the light gear. Just as high tide approached Shane B had a clonking bite and after a successful strike reeled in Elpez2k's nemesis the might Rockling! A good size the grin on Shane B's face said it all; the lads scratching rigs were all of 5 feet apart in the water with the same bait. Yet the rockling chose Shane B's much to Elpez2k's disappointment.


By high tide the lads had 4 or 5 fish on the board each except poor old wanna; his highlight of the night had been stabbing himself in the hand not long after arriving. Shane B started threatening him with the "sardines of shame" if he didn't catch before the night was out. Just for a change Elpez2k managed to pull in a dogfish around this time, at least it offered a bit more of a fight than the tiny whiting that had been caught so far.


Into the ebb and tings slowed down, still the odd bite and the odd fish landed, but as the water started to leave so did the hopes of reaching 500 fish for the year. Around 11.00pm and the lads still needed around 10 fish to reach the target. At last Wanna managed to land a fish and save himself the embarrassment of receiving the dines of shame. Soon after and Shane B managed to pull in another whiting using the most unusual of baits a tip light.


As midnight approached the water was now leaving the base of the short arm and the lads decided to call it a night. The target of reaching 500 fish for the year had fallen short by 8 fish. Still there was always the chance of a Christmas trip to reach the magical number. If the SWFF don't end up making that trip then it was a far better night to end the year on than the previous trip. Here's to 2007, whatever it may hold.....


Shane B - 8 whiting, 1 rockling

Elpez2k - 6 whiting, 1 dogfish

Wanna - 1 whiting


Porthcawl, Wed 27th Dec 06, High tide 23.45 (12.0m) Mod W

With 4 days until the end of the year and the target of  500 fish still shy by 8 fish, the SWFF organised an assault on Porthcawl pier. Elpez2k, Shane B, Tackle Tart and GI Joe all headed down for the 8pm meet up and arrived to find an already busy short arm and pier end. After much deliberation over where to mount tonight’s attack they opted for the centre of the pier. BIG MISTAKE! Within 10 minutes of setting up the first wave broke the top of the pier giving the lads an insight into what the night had in store for them.  Suddenly it was apparent why the centre of the pier was empty, the lads decided to move down to the lifeboat slipway to obtain some cover as they made the move The Codfather, Tezza, BTF and Gaz407 appeared to join in the action. The lads spread out along the slipway area of the pier and set about slinging around 16 lines into the water, surely 8 fish was going to be a doddle wasn't it???


There was a relaxed, festive mood amongst the lads and with 3+ hours until high tide the lads took their time setting up but by 8.45pm most of the SWFF had 2 rods set up. There was an added incentive for tonight’s bash a bottle of Bacardi was waiting for the member who caught the most tonight, kindly donated by old wino Gaz407. The weather was trying its best to spoil the party, the wind was getting strong and there was some light rain to add to the unpleasantness. Every so often a wave would break the centre of the pier just to remind the lads of what could of been had they not moved. The first hour or so passed with out any fish being landed, this didn't bother the lads as they chatted about the years fishing. Tackle tart and GI Joe spent the time giving Shane B sore ears about the SWFF names he had come up with.


Around an hour in and at last some fish on the board. Both TT and The Codfather caught in quick succession. In both cases it was pin whiting nothing bigger than a couple of ounces but as Shane B will tell you "they all count". With the lads being packed so closely together the lines crossing became a bit of an issue but nothing worse than a trip to Sudbrook. By 10pm Gaz407 and BTF had managed to open their accounts, Gaz407 with a nice sized dogfish and BTF with another pin whiting.


10pm - 11pm and a few more fish to add to the tally, Elpez2k catching a nice whiting of around 8oz and Gaz407 landing another nice sized dogfish. The target was getting ever closer now only 2 fish away. Elpez2k managed his first birds nest since switching to a multiplier, not an experience he would like to relive too many times next year.


11pm - midnight with the weather not being the best The Codfather and Tezza packed up and headed for home leaving the rest of the lads to fish on. Shane B finally opened his account for the night with a pin whiting leaving the SWFF on 499 fish for the year. GI Joe or "The DOGMIESTER" as he would rather been known has only managed one trip with us this year before this nights proceedings. He has an uncanny knack of doing really well when he does tag along and tonight was to be no different, as he reeled in to change baits there at the bottom of his rig was the smallest of whiting to claim the 500th fish of the SWFF year.


High tide and a flurry of fish where landed to kick start what was a slow night up until now. Shane B landed 2 more whiting, BTF another Whiting and Elpez2k his first dogfish of the night. The wind had now died down and the rain had stopped and the lads were enjoying the nights fishing. The lads at the end of the pier had packed up and some of the lights on the short arm/ seawall were gone, but with a huge stack of bait left the SWFF decided to fish on until the early hours.


By 2am most of the other anglers were gone and despite the slowish fishing, the lads kept themselves busy with some hardcore banter. GI Joe was trying to eat himself to death (look out BIG E you got a challenge for next year) and also told us the story of Shane B's granddad eating raw gull whilst being lost at sea much to the lads amusement. Around 2.30am and there was another short burst of action with TT, GAZ407, BTF and Shane B all adding to their catches. Another mixture of dogfish and whiting to add to the night’s total that was now becoming quite respectable considering poor fishing conditions and pure lack of fish.


3am and "THE DOGMIESTER"  landed his first doggie of the night quickly followed by Elpez2k landing another small whiting. Shane B landed another whiting and was now pulling away from the pack. The water was now creeping down the beach and the harbour almost dry with only around an hour or so to fish the SWFF carried on hoping to add a few more to the total.


3.45am and finally the lads called it a night and ended the first full year for the SWFF. Despite Shane B landing the most fish of the evening, he handed the Bacardi to GI JOE oops I mean "THE DOGMIESTER" in a show of sportsmanship for landing the 500th fish of the year and finishing top of the fish ratio league. No massive fish on the night but it just goes to show that good company can make up for a lack in fish. There will be a review of the years fishing added to this site sometime in the next 2 weeks but I’d like to thank the lads for an excellent years fishing, here’s to 2007 and more memories to come....


Shane B - 4 whiting, 2 dogfish

GI Joe - 3 whiting, 1 dogfish

Elpez2k - 3 whiting, 1 dogfish

Gaz407 - 3 dogfish

BTF - 3 whiting

TT - 1 whiting, 1 dogfish

The Codfather - 1 whiting

Tezza - blanked


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