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May 2007

Swansea West, Wed 2nd May, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Light NW
The SWFF headed to Swansea West pier for the 2nd trip to this venue of 2007. CKK, Elpez2k and Shane B headed off from Newport at 6.30pm and arrived at the pier around 7.30pm. The good weather that the lads had expeirenced during April continued and the evening had a real summer feel to it. The lads set up close to the end of the pier and watched a few other anglers pull in the odd fish while setting up, first casts hit the water around 8.00pm.
The action started pretty quickly with Elpez2k landing a nice sized dogfish after 15 minutes. By the time 8.30pm had arrived both CKK and Shane B were both in on the action too. Some monster dogfish were landed by the lads over the next hour or so some in the 2.5lb bracket. The sun was setting and Elpez2k left the beachcasters and opted for an hours spinning, feathering and floating but nothing paying any attention to his efforts.
Into the darkness and CKK broke out his new scratcher and was quickly into some small pin whiting close to the pier wall. The other lads joined in and attention turned to the fish close in with the odd dog coming from the beachcasters. Shane B and CKK carried on while Elpez2k took a walk back to the mystery machine to retrieve his vital flask of coffee forgotten in the rush to fish.
Elpez2k returned and the lads fished on the fishing slowed around 11pm but still the odd dog or whiting would come along and there were plenty of bites to keep the lads on their toes. As midnight approached the lads started to pack up the multitude of rods set up and the fish came right up untill the end, including a dogfish and whiting on the same hook for Elpez2k. The poor whiting had most of its head removed by the hungry dogfish. The lads made their way back to the carpark and stopped to admire a small flattie swiming around on the surface right up the end of the marina, Shane B was tempted to unpack a rod but the lads managed to drag him away kicking and screaming...
CKK - 9 whiting, 4 dogfish
Shane B - 10 whiting, 2 dogfish
Elpez2k - 6 dogfish, 4 whiting


Hutchwyns point, Fri 5th May, High Tide 20.30 (0.0m) Light E
Another fine nights weather and the SWFF headed off to Porthcawl hoping to get a spot on the pier on harbour wall. Elpez2k, wanner and CKK headed down in the Bongo and Big E and his mate Sparky followed in the Big E's bright pink "Barbie" mobile. The Codfather wasn't far behind and the lads had all arrived by 8.15pm. The SWFF took the short walk to the mark but wern't to impressed by what they saw. A very snaggy uneven rock point was presented before them. Wanner had fished this mark before and assured the lads it would'nt be too tackle hungry. Elpez2k, Wanner, BIG E and his mate Sparky set up, while The Codfather and CKK looked on still not convinced by the mark.
The lads had set up and were fishing by 8.45pm and within minutes Elpez2k had a good bite that resulted in a small dogfish. The tackle came back with no problems and the sight of a fish persueded CKK and The Codfather to join in on the action. By 9.30pm all the SWFF were fishing and Elpez2k had landed another doggie and Wanner had also opened his account for the night with a dogfish. As the darkness took over the bites started coming thick and fast, the dogs were on the feed and it didn't take long for BIG E and Sparky to get in on the action both landing dogfish before 10pm.
The lads were loosing more fish than they were landing, Elpez2k, Wanner, BIG E and Sparky had all dropped one or two doggies. CKK and The Codfather had set up further to the left and were having trouble with a snaggy sea bed, despite this they too were in on the action landing doggies and loosing the odd one too. The Codfather was up to his usual dodgy hooking methods, one doggie came to shore hooked through the eye.
The ebb was now in full flow and BIG E and Sparky were deeply involved in a "dog off", both were tied at 2 dogs each. The weather was holding off and it was a comfortable night to be out. Elpez2k, Wanner and CKK were having a productive night all of them were around the 4-5 doggies mark and had lost just as many. BIG E's snacks of choice were running low, the lion bars, cheesy wotsits and pepperamis were at critical level. The Codfather, BIG E and Sparky decided to call it a night giving Sparky the victory in "dog off" by 1 fish.
CKK moved over to join Wanner and Elpez2k for the last hour, the fishing slowed with only the odd dog being landed. At the death Wanner also managed a small whiting to break the chain of countless dogfish. the lads headed for home around 1am after a reasonable nights fishing and another new mark under their belts.
Elpez2k - 7 dogfish
Wanner - 4 dogfish, 1 whiting
CKK - 4 dogfish
Sparky  - 3 dogfish
The Codfather - 2 dogfish
Big E - 2 dogfish


West Wales , 11th-12th May,
Tide: 11th -  Low 20.30 (0.0m) Wind : 11th Mod SW/W
Tide:  12th - High 15.00pm (0.0m) Wind : 12th - Mod SW
Finaly the trip the SWFF have been waiting for, the lads had planned this trip since the begining of the year and despite the bad weather and a few last minute rearrangments the SWFF left Newport around 4pm in good spirits. BIG E and Sparky were already on their way and Elpez2k, Shane B and The Codfather wern't far behind. The rain hammered down during the run down the M4 but as the lads entered Tenby the sun broke through the clouds. The lads met up at Freshwater east carpark and took a quick look at the beach, after which they went and booked into the near-by campsite to set up  "Bongo towers" which was acting accomadation for the weekend. By 7pm the lads were settled in the campsite and started to prepare for the nights fishing.
Freshwater East 11-05-07
The lads took the 15minute walk from the campsite to the beach, BIG E was modeling the RAC's new all weather gear much to the lads amusement as he looked like something from a Tango advert. The weather was holding off and the lads set up in the centre of the beach and first casts hit the water around 8.30pm. The idea of this weekend was to fish the Marloes area off deep rock marks. This venue couldn't be further from that but with the wind being so harsh the lads had little choice but to fish somewhere sheltered. Despite their concerns over how well the beach would fish the bites soon started showing and both Elpez2k and Shane B announced the "kick off "of their summer campagains.. By 9pm Elpez2k had the first fish on the board a good solid bite resulted in a small doggie of around 1lb.
The tide started to flood and the bites started increasing, Shane B, The Codfather, BIG E and Sparky all joined Elpez2k by 9.30pm by landing their first doggies. BIG E challenged Sparky to another "dog off" and opened a packet off cheesy poofs to celebrate his first west Wales fish. Shane B managed to land a monster spider crab along with a dogfish which became topic of interest for 10 minutes. Around 10pm the heavens opened to try and put a dampner on the lads night, but this didn't put the dogfish off as one after another fell to the lads fish baits. The rain lasted around half hour and with it came some strong winds causing Elpez2k's tripod to topple twice in the wind.
10.30pm and the rain stopped and the sky cleared, BIG E landed his first pouting of 2007 and Sparky his first pollack. Big E's snacks were looking low and he pleaded with Elpez2k to light the bbq. 11pm and Elpez2k saw a break in the clouds and the chance to cook some hotdogs, BIG E opened a pepperami for starters. The doggies were still feeding and the lads tried switching to worm baits to avoid them with no joy. The sky had now cleared completley and the wind had dropped making it feel more like a summers night. 11.30pm the lads chowed down on some hot dogs before continuing with the doggie onslaught.
As midnight approached Shane B wound in what he thought would be another dogfish, as he went to the waters edge to pick up the fish he let out a scream of joy. The lads went over to see what the commotion was about to find him holding a small starry smooth hound of around 2lb. The joy on his face was like that of BIG E on pancake day, the fish was photographed, admired and released to fight another day. The lads fished on hoping there might be a few more in the area, BIG E was pining for his flake cakes in the Bongo fridge but the thought of losing another "dog off" to Sparky was to much to bear so he fished on.
1am and the fishing was starting to slow, still the dogs were falling mainly to the fish baits but less frequently. The weather was still holding off but the sky was starting to cloud back over. The lads fished on untill around 2am with several more dogfish being landed in the last hour, despite his best efforts "Tangoman" BIG E lost yet another "dog off" to his mate Sparky. As 2am arrived the lads packed up and headed back to the Bongo after a good nights fishing, their confidence in Freshwater East beach now fully recharged. As the lads reached the Bongo and packed away the last of the gear the heavens opened, but the lads were all safely in Bongo towers sipping on a cuppa, 3am arrived and the lads called it a night. The poor guy on the next pitch had to put up with BIG E's thunderous snoring all night...
Shane B - 9 dogfish, 1 starry smooth hound
Elpez2k - 9 dogfish
The Codfather - 5 dogfish
Sparky - 4 dogfish, 1 pollack
BIG E - 3 dogfish, 1 pouting
Lydstep point 12-05-07
The lads got up on the Saturday morning and packed away "Bongo towers" and headed back towards Tenby to try their luck at Lydstep point. The walk down was a little dodgy but the lads all got to the mark safley and were welcomed by a pod of porpoises happily swiming just of the point. The sun was out and despite the moderate winds it was feeling like a comfortable day for fishing. the SWFF found a nice looking ledge at the end of the point, but it wasn't big enough for the 5 of them so they had to head to the more snaggy ground.
The lads started fishing around 1.30pm in glorious sunshine, Elpez2k went straight on the feathers while Sparky tried spome spinning. By 2pm the lads all had the beachcasters out and went about trying different methods including spinning, floating and feathers. The fishing was slow, by 3pm not a single bite had been registered on the beachcasters and not a single take on float or spinner. Just as the lads were giving up all hope The Codfather had a good bite that resulted in a good sized doggie of around 1.5lb.
The sight of The Codfathers doggie gave the lads new found optomism and they fished on for around another hour. Despite the lads enthusasim no other fish came along and to top it off a few rigs went "walk about" for Shane B and Elpez2k. At 4pm the lads headed back to the car BIG E, Sparky and The codfather headed back to Newport after a cracking weekends fishing and a few laughs mainly at BIG E's expense..
The Codfather - 1 dogfish
Elpez2k - blanked
Shane B - blanked
BIG E - blanked
Sparky - blanked
Dale Fort 12-05-07
The hardcore duo of Elpez2k and Shane B remained, unsatisfied by the session at Lydstep and they headed to Tenby for some chips and a brainstorming session on where to go next. After a large chips and jumbo sausage they headed for milford docks. On the way into Milford they saw "The tackle Corner" the shop owned by Martin a WSF forum member. Martin had been really helpfull over the phone when the SWFF had headed down to St Brides bay back in April and the lads decided to stop to see if he could offer any help on a mark to fish. Martin and his wife were really helpfull and after a long chat the lads took his advice and headed off to Dale Fort to try their luck.
The lads arrived at Dale around 5pm and took the short walk down to the jetty, there were already 4 other anglers fishing and the lads were forced to set up to the right of the jetty. The weather was looking really good by now and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Around half hour passed without any action when the lads up on the jetty packed up giving the hardcore duo chance to relocate.
Up on the jetty and the wind was far stronger making it feel cold despite the sunshine. The lads set up the beachcasters and Elpez2k went about trying the float for half hour. No takes on the float and only the odd knock on the beachcasters. Elpez2k switched from the float to a death rig and cast it close to the jetty. Soon after a bite came along and Elpez2k pulled in a small 3 bearded rockling. As he reurned the fish he picked up a beach caster to change bait and was met with some weight on the other end. After a clean retrieval he had a nice sized dogfish on the jetty to take his tally to 2 fish for the session.
The sun began to set and with little in the way of action the lads started to pack up slowly. Elpez2k turned around to see a good knock on the beachcaster and struck to reel in  his second doggie of the session. The pressure was on Shane B as he desperatley tried to catch a fish before heading home. 9pm arrived and no such joy for old "starry" eyed Shane B and the lads packed up. 300 miles and 32 hours later the lads reached Newport after a cracking weekend, Shane B with 2 new species smoothound and Sardines!!!!
Elpez2k - 2 dogfish, 1 rockling(3)
Shane B - blanked


St Brides, Thurs 17th may, high tide 0.00 (0.0m) Mild SW
Shane B finaly managed to drag the Tackle Tart from his womanising and workaholic ways for his first SWFF trip of 2007. The pair headed to the lighthouse at St Brides to try their luck for rays and conger. The lads arrived around 2 hours before high tide and quickly set up to the left of the lighthouse pub. First casts hit the water around 7pm.
The fishing up to high tide was fruitless, not a bite for either member and very little being caught by anyone else there either. Just after high tide and finaly a bite and a call to action for Shane B. a quick strike turned into a glorious battle with what Shane thought was a good sized conger. Finaly the fish came ashore and there infront of him was his first ever shore caught ray, a fine thornback weighing in at 5.5lb.
Into the ebb and still no action for the Tart, Shane B was still buzzing from the thornie when another bite came his way. Another quick strike turned into a good fight and Shane B had his first conger of 2007 to add to his ever growing list of species. The eel weighed in at 3lb and was quickly released.
11pm approached the water was running out and so was the tackle tarts chance of a fish. No more bites for either member leaving poor old Tackle Tart with the "Sardines of shame" on his first trip.
Shane B - 1 thornback ray, 1 conger
Tackle Tart - blanked


West wales, Fri 18th May, High Tide 20.30 (0.0m), Mod S/SW
Stackpole quay 7.30pm - 11.00pm

The onslaught on west Wales continued as Elpez2k, Shane B and Chester the fishing dog headed back to Freshwater East to meet up with The Codfather and Tezza. Elpez2k and Shane B had a torrid time heading west due to traffic and by the time they got to The Codfather and Tezza it was nearly 7pm. A quick pick up and the lads were heading to Stackpole quay. A short drive and walk later and the lads were at the mark. A tricky scale down the ladder as the tide had cut off access was managed with military precision and the lads were set up on the mark by 7.30pm.


The weather was not playing ball, the wind was up and the lads were welcomed by a shower of rain. Then another disaster as The Codfather emptied his tackle box a can of carling rolled down the domed top of the quay straight onto the sea. Luckily he had several more to keep him company. The lads cast out full of optimism and within 10 minutes the rain had stopped and the wind had calmed slightly. To add to the good feeling Shane b saw a large fish jump clear of the water a few hundred yards out. 8pm and now bites but the evening was now taking on a nice feeling and the lads were sure there were fish to be had.


High tide arrived and still no fish, three of the SWFF members had tried to retrieve and only Tezza had got his rig back to shore. Elpez2k went about setting up a rotten bottom, The Codfather drank a Carling and Shane B decided to leave his bait out there a bit longer. Elpez2k cast another bait and went about setting up the light gear for an hours spinning before the sun went down. Shane B joined in breaking out the Rapala for its first adventures. The lads tried spinning, feathers, lures, and rubber fish all with no success. Elpez2k switched to a scratching rig and The Codfather unpacked the Linaffe telescopic also on its virgin trip and cast a small rig out too. The bites were almost instant at the base of the wall and it wasn't long until Elpez2k pulled up a small pollack and goby. The Codfather followed with his first ballan wrasse only around 4oz but at least the small fish would keep the lads busy.


The lads fished on Shane B threw out a small float outfit and started catching rockling, Tezza stuck to throwing far out hoping for a big fish to come along. As the sun started to go down Elpez2k landed a few rockling and goby before leaving the lads on the quay and heading of  on a mark hunt, taking the path up the hill towards Barafundle bay. The rest of the SWFF continued fishing while Elpez2k found several ledges and took in the views of Barafundle before returning to the lads 25 minutes later. But not before being attacked by a stackpole wood pigeon on the path back to the quay.


10pm and Elpez2k had resumed fishing with the rest of the SWFF, Shane B had managed another couple of rockling and The Codfather had another wrasse a little bigger than the first. Elpez2k hooked into a doggie on the light rod that got the heart racing as he was hoping for a bass. This was quickly followed by dogfish number two. 11pm and with no fish still on the beach casters and the tide dropping fast the lads packed up and headed back to the Bongo. There was no way this trip was going to fulfil hardcore members Shane B and Elpez2k's night. They dropped The Codfather and Tezza off at Freshwater East campsite and headed off to Milford Docks leaving the "Sardines of shame" with Tezza.


Elpez2k - 2 goby, 2 rockling, 2 dogfish, 1 pollack

Shane B - 3 rockling, 1 goby

The Codfather -  2 ballan wrasse

Tezza - Blanked


Milford Docks 00.00am - 3.30am


Shane B and Elpez2k arrived at Milford docks around 11.50pm and after a quick tour decided on a spot in between a few large ships. The spot wasn't the best and the lads just unpacked the light gear. Elpez2k opted for the longer cast while Shane B stayed in close to the dock wall. Within minutes of casting Shane B had a cracking bite on his braid filled reel. After striking and a quick retrieval he had a small pouting of around 4oz on the dock wall.


The next hour past quickly, a few bites but crabs seemed to be pinching most of the bait and giving false bites. Elpez2k joined Shane B in close to the dock wall and both members wound their rigs up of the bottom slightly. Around 1.30am and Elpez2k had a monster bite that turned into a monster scrap. The fight was awesome and it took Elpez2k a few minutes just to get the fish to the surface, when he did a strap conger was identified as the culprit. The fish was fighting well and Elpez2k had to give it some respect on the light rod. The lads walked up and down the dock wall looking for an easier place to land the fish. No where could be found and in the end Shane B had to hand line the fish up. The small hooks and light line held and Elpez2k got hold of his first conger for 2007 the fish weighed in at 3.5lb and was quickly released.


The lads cast back out after the commotion and soon Elpez2k had another strange looking bite, he struck but could feel no fish fighting but a dead weight on the end of the line. All of a sudden a monster claw broke the surface soon followed by the rest of a lobster. "Pinchy" came safely ashore and both SWFF members stood in amazement, the lobster had to be 1-2lbs in weight. "Pinchy" was photographed and released back into the dock. The lads fished on for around an hour, Shane B desperate to land a "pinchy" of his own, but nothing else came from the dock. The lads took the long trip home back to Newport arriving around 6am.


Elpez2k - 1 conger, 1 lobster (not added to stats)

Shane B- 1pouting


Rhossili, Wed 23rd May, Low Tide 7.00 (0.0m) Light S/SW
Shane B and Elpez2k headed of early on a Wednesday morning to fish new venue Rhossili. The lads had been given some info on the mark and headed off with chester (now official SWFF mascot) hoping to catch the 1st of this years bass. The weather was not as good as in recent weeks the sky was overcast and the wind was up, at least it was good conditions for the fish.
The lads arrived around 8am and quickly headed down towards the mark they had been given. Problem was upon arriving they wern't sure of it was the right mark at all. The lads decided to take a chance and have a go, they set up and 1st casts hit the water around 8.30am. Chester was in his element running up and down the beach like Scooby-Doo on speed. The lads sat back witing for the first call to action. Unfortunatley there was no action by 10pm there wasnt a knock or a fish on the board.
10.30am and finaly a fish Shane B started to retrieve a rig to feel some weight, as the rig broke the surface a flatie could be seen attached. The fish was brought safely ashore, the lads looked at it but wern't sure what it was. It had a dab like look about it but it was a good size for a dab, "its a megrin" was Shane B's reply desperatley trying to grab another species. The lads decided to take a photo and put it on the WSF forums hoping someone would identify it. The outcome was... Dab, sorry Shane no megrin for you.
The lads unpacked the light gear, with flatties around there was always a chance to bag up while waiting for the bass to show. Midday approached and the water was now flooding fast making the lads shift camp every 15 minutes or so. Chester was still terrorising beach walkers, while the lads tried various baits and rigs desperate to try and get a few more fish on the board.
Just after midday and Shane B pulls in his second fish of the day, another flattie this time though it was a flounder. The lads fished on untill early afternoon but there was no more fish or bites, except for Elpez2k he got a can of sardines...
Shane B - 1 flounder, 1 dab
Elpez2k - Blanked


Oxwich Bay, Fri 25th May, Low tide 20.30 (0.0m) Light W/NW
The SWFF continue attacking the new marks by taking a visit to Oxwich bay, Elpez2k and The Codfather headed west and reached oxwich around half hour before high tide. The lads took the longish walk along the beach to the stream that runs down from the dunes, around three quarters of the way along the beach. The weather was kind and the sea was like a mill pond, not really what the lads wanted seeing as they were out to target the bass.
The lads set up and by the time first casts were unleashed it was low water. The lads were armed with fresh peeler and no sooner had they cast out than the bites started. The codfather was first to strike after around 10 minutes. A clonking bite resulted in monster scrap for The Codfather, as he reeled in the lads were sure they were about to see the first bass of the year. As the fish broke the surface the lads wern't sure what they were dealing with untill t was ashore. There infront of them was a stunning starry smooth hound, the fish was photgraphed and weighed then released to fight another day. The Codfather had his first smooth hound on the board and one of his biggest fish since the SWFF started, weighing in at 5.5lb. During the commotion Elpez2k also had recieved a good bite, he retrieved a dogfish and flounder on the same rig to kick off the night fishing.
The bites continued to come at a steady pace, Elpez2k landed another dogfish before The Codfather got involved in "battle royal" number two. A hit into a good sized fish that seen run him ragged for a couple of minutes before coming of around 50 - 60 yards out. Both the lads were convinced it was another smoothie. Oxwich contiuned to impress as Elpez2k landed dogfish number 3 for the night quickly followed by number 4.
The beach was now flooding fast causing the lads to move back every 15 minutes or so. Shortly after the second move of the night, The Codfather had another good bite and hit into another good fight, this time the fish came to shore a little more easy. There in the surf lay his second smooth hound of the night. This one was smaller than the first but still a stunning fish weighing in just over 2.5lb.
11pm arrived and the bites started to slow, but not before Elpez2k landed dogfish number 5 for the night. With the wind now picking up the lads decided to call it a night, and packed up around 11.30pm. A good night had been had by the lads and another new venue had been explored, to add to the "good vibes" last years fish total had been broken only 6 months into the year.
The Codfather - 2 starry smoothhound
Elpez2k - 5 dogfish, 1 flounder


Monknash, Sun 27th May, Low Tide 10.20 (0.0m) Mod N/NE
Elpez2k and Shane B headed out on a very wet and windy Sunday morning. The lads had been tipped off that the smooth hounds were showing at Monknash, they reached the beach around 8am armed with a shed load of fresh peeler crab and full of optomism. The weather was horrific, but the beach did offer some shelter from the wind, the lads set up on the rough mixed ground to the left of the beach.
Things didn't start well, Elpez2k first cast caused a massive birdie that seen his rig crack off and fly into the distance. Shane B also suffered a similar fate loosing his first cast to a crack off. The rain was pissing down and the lads found it hard to motivate themselves in such conditions. The lads who had tipped the SWFF off  about the location of the hounds were also fishing a little further to the left. The sight of one of them pulling a smoothie form the surf was all the lads needed and they were soon back in action.
Low water arrived and things were going from bad to worse, both Elpez2k and Shane B were a couple of rigs down. Not a bite had been registered for either member and things were looking grim. The wind had picked up pace and Elpez2k's tripod went crashing to the ground just to add to the misery. The lads opted to move to slightly cleaner ground hoping it would help with the snags.
Around 30 minutes into the flood and things took a turn for the better, Shane B turned to see Elpez2k's rod tip bounce up. "Slack liner" was the shout and Elpez2k ran over a started reeling in hoping to make contact with a fish. The reel in was confusing, one minute it felt like there was a fish on the next minute not. If this was a smooth hound it wasn't the fight Elpez2k was expecting, finaly a fish broke the surface, not a smooth hound but a nice shiney bass. The fish was weighed (2.5lb), photgraphed and released to fight another day.
An hour past without a bite and the bass was quickly forgotten, the lads were still loosing rigs and the sight of another hound and a bullhuss for the other lads was almost to much to bear. Just when it looked like it was game over for the lads Elpez2k had his second slack liner of the day. Elpez2k ran over wound down and struck into an awesome fight, the fish felt like it snagged on several spots on the way in and Elpez2k thought it may be a conger, then around 30 yarsd out the tail of a nice sized smooth hound broke the surf. The fish came into the last 10 - 15 yards of water, Shane B ran into the sea after the fish and quickly got hold of the fiesty beast. Safley ashore the fish was photographed and weighed before being released. Elpez2k was buzzing with a new personal best fish of 8lb and his first ever smooth hound.
The lads fished on with renewed enthusiasim, but the loss of yet more terminal tackle did its best to dampen it. As 1pm approached the lads had a quick chat with Andrew and his mate before they left for home. Shane B and Elpez2k moved over to the spot they had fished hoping for one more fish. Shane B had lost so much line that he was down to the last few winds of his multiplier, and as the tide flooded he stood in the surf untill the very last minute hoping for a bite. But no more bites came for either member and the lads left around 2pm. Elpez2k thrilled with his forst hound, Shane B gutted by his "Sardines of shame".
Elpez2k - 1 bass, 1 starry smooth hound
Shane B - Blanked


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