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June 2007

Cold Knap, Sat 2nd June, High Tide 20.40 (14.1m) light SW
Gaz407 and BTF headed to Cold Knap to kick off Junes stats. Its been a while since the pair have donned their SWFF capes and headed out, and BTF was full of enthusiasm as they reached Cold Knap car park. The duo set up around the middle of the beach, it was already packed with anglers. First casts hit the water around 7pm.
The fishing was slow only a few bites up to high tide but no fish. the weather was holding off despite overcast skys and the chance of rain. Into the ebb and finaly a fish, BTF struck to reel in his first dogfish of the night. The lads fished on untill 1am and despite a few bites no more fish were landed. Leaving Gaz407 holding the "dines", not for the first time this year either...
BTF - 1 dogfish
Gaz407 - blanked

Friars point, Mon 4th june, High tide 21.55 (13.7m) Mod NW


Elpez2k, Shane B, BIG E and CKK headed down to Barry after a disastrous start to the evening. Wanner had been given the wrong time to meet, the meet up was late anyway and the venue had to be changed last minute. The lads opted for Friars as a few tidy fish had been landed recently and the thought of Cold Knap pebbles was too much to bear.


The lads reached Friars around 8pm to find it packed with anglers, the only spots left to fish were the end of the point and a small section facing the old harbour. To make matters worse a hungry seal was lurking waiting for any angler to offer a meal. In the end Shane B and CKK set up facing the harbour, while BIG E and Elpez2k set up at the end of the point. First casts hit the water around 8.30pm. Wanner turned up around 9.00pm with no fish caught at the point, and Shane B managing his first doggie of the night fishing towards the old harbour.


10pm Elpez2k and BIG E were having no luck at the point, just one good bite for BIG E. As an offering to the fish gods BIG E baited up some of his emergency Pepperami hoping it would bring him a fish. His stash of goodies was already looking low, his Monster munch were gone and his Minstrels were at critical level. This was the most unselfish move BIG E has ever made during his SWFF career and as the Pepperami flew into the distance attached to his rig a tear welled up in the bagman’s left eye. "If that’s sill on there when I reel it in I'm gonna eat it" said BIG E choking on his own tears...


Shane B and CKK were having a little more joy a few bites and 2 dogs on the board for Shane B. The weather had been a bonus so far, but the wind was now starting to pick up making it feel cold compared to recent days. 11pm and BIG E and Elpez2k had more or less given up hope BIG E reeled in to find the fish gods had not taken his offering of Pepperami and it was still there on the hook looking slightly paler and a bit manky. This was the final straw for the big man, how dare the fish gods turn it down. He took a bite in protest but decided against eating it all, as he had heard of several people going blind after swallowing brown fish caught in the area.


Midnight approached and Elpez2k and BIG E had sat there long enough, to pissed off to walk over to tell the lads Elpez2k phoned CKK and told him he was leaving before long. CKK couldn't believe it he and the others around him had hit a purple patch and were landing a few dogs. The lads fished on for around half hour before finally leaving. A tale of two marks which had left both BIG E and Elpez2k totally devoid of any faith in Friars Point. That’s 3 blanks at Friars for Elpez2k this year, will he go back? I doubt it...


Shane B - 6 dogfish

CKK - 3 dogfish

Wanner - 2 dogfish

Elpez2k - blanked

BIG E - blanked



Stackpole, Fri 8th June, High Tide 00.50 (5.9m) Light SW

The SWFF headed back to west Wales hoping that the fine weather of late would bring some good spinning action. The lads headed back to stackpole to fish one of the ledges Elpez2k had spotted when last there. The drive down seemed to take forever but the lads arrived around 8pm. The weather was perfect, for the first time this year a west Wales trip had some good weather to accompany it.


The lads reached the ledges around 8.20pm, the water around the ledge was lower than expected but after such a lengthy drive the lads were happy to stay and try their luck. Elpez2k and The Codfather opted for feathers and attacked the left hand end of the ledge, while Wanner and CKK tried plugs and spinners from the centre of the ledge and towards the cove on the right. After around 30 minutes The Codfather managed the first mackerel of 2007 on feathers. This gave the lads some hope the tide was flooding fast but there was only around an hour of light left.


9pm CKK had seen one or two fish showing interest in his surface lure but no takes. The Codfather had also seen a few fish hanging around the bottom of the rocks, but the light was fading fast. Elpez2k was tired of lofting out feathers and changed tactics dropping a light rig over the edge on a light rod. Within minutes the tip went crazy and Elpez2k soon had a corkwing wrasse of around 10oz to kick off the session. He lobbed another ragworm bait over the edge and was into his second fish in minutes, this one was a much better fight and Elpez2k was expecting a nice size wrasse unfortunately the fish came off on the retrieve.


The other lads unpacked the beach casters as the sun went down while Elpez2k and Wanner carried on getting the odd bite in close. By 10pm the action in close was gone as was the sun and the beach casters came into play. The water was now a good depth and the bites soon started showing. CKK landed 2 dogfish in quick succession much to his disappointment after traveling so far. Bites soon appeared for Elpez2k and The Codfather and they both landed their first dogfish of the night by 11pm.


The bites carried on as the lads fished towards midnight. CKK was landing lots of dogs although something monster had given him a shock as the rod went doubling over, but there was no connection with the culprit. Only Wanner was yet to land and he was looking nervous. The Codfather was first to break the dogfish mould, a clonking bite resulted in a monster battle, after a few minutes he had his first conger of the year on the ledge. The evil eel was weighed (3lb) and released to fight another day.


Midnight arrived and Wanner finally landed a dog fish to escape the "dines" and save his pride. CKK was still landing dogs and Elpez2k was now landing more as the lads were forced to use mackerel and squid baits. With no crab left the thought of hounds and the bigger fish drifted away until Elpez2k hit into a fish that got the blood pumping. He brought the fish to the base of the rocks, but as the winch up began the rod devoloped a critical bend and Elpez2k was forced to call for help. Wanner rushed to his aid and began to handline the fish up. As the shockleader knot appeared over the ledge the fish came off, leaving the lads with no idea of what it was.


1am and the lads fished on hoping for a surprise fish to make the trip worth while, the spider crabs were now playing games and CKK had landed 2 while Elpez2k had lost a hook length to the ugly red sea demons. Wanner had managed a brace of dogs as had The Codfather who was now slowing things down with only one rod in play. As 2am approached the lads started to pack up slowly with the odd dogfish still being caught. If every fish had been landed in this session than almost all the lads would have been in double figures but the amount that had come off on the retrieve was ridiculous. The dogs were unusually small except for one or two good 2lber's landed by CKK and The Codfather. By 3am the lads were back at the car facing a long drive with not much to show, still a good night and still nowhere quite like west Wales to fish.

CKK - 12 dogfish
Elpez2k - 6 dogfish, 1 corkwing wrasse
The Codfather - 2 dogfish, 1 mackeral, 1 conger
Wanner -  4 dogfish


Porthcawl Pier, Sat 9th June, High Tide 2.20 (12.0m) Light SW
Shane B and Wanner fished Porthcawl pier from 9pm untill 3am. Fishing was slowish to start but picked up with the tide. Bulk of the fish were landed from 10pm onwards. Conditions were good with light winds and clear skies.
The fish consisted of dogfish with suprise turn up for Shane B in the form of a small tope, adding to his personal speices tally and taking the SWFF to the 20 species mark just 2 short of last year.
Shane B - 6 dogfish, 1 tope
Wanner 3 dogfish

St Donats, Mon 11th jun, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m), Mod W


The SWFF headed back out on the hunt for hounds, Elpez2k, Shane B and Wanner took the hour drive to St Donats after a tip off that the hounds were in the area. The timing was a little off and the lads arrived around an hour later than planned and only 45 minutes before low water. They took the long walk along the beach past the lighthouse to meet up with their "informer". The walk across the beach got the lads hyped up as they seen a nice hound being landed along with another angler battling with a good sized fish.


By the time the lads had reached the mark and set up it was low water. Elpez2k birdied his first cast due to rushing with excitement. Wanner and Shane B were more successful and within 30 minutes of first cast Shane B was into a tidy hound. After a good scrap he had a stunning 9lb Smooth hound in his arms, falling just short of his "double figure fish" challenge set at the start of the year. The fish was photographed and released. Wanner had also had a run but missed the fish as had Elpez2k.


Into the flood and another missed opportunity for Wanner and he missed his 2nd run of the night. There were several other anglers around and they were all catching hound most around 8-10lb. The lads were buzzing and none of them dared to leave their rods unattended for longer than a few seconds. By the time the lads had reached 2 hours up Shane B had missed another couple of runs and Elpez2k had missed a bite that was something other than a hound.


The lads had to move around 2 up due to the rising tide, but just before they left Wanner had another run but this time he made connection with the fish. A glorious battle then commenced, around 50-60 yards out Wanner made the mistake of giving the fish some slack line. This was enough to allow the fish to escape its captor and leave Wanner totally gutted.


The lads moved back to where they dropped down to the beach and continued fishing. Elpez2k was first to register a bite but missed his chance to hook the fish. Then Shane B had another good hard bite that resulted in another good scrap, as the fish broke the surface they could see it wasn't a hound but a conger. The fish was brought safely ashore and weighed (4lb) before being released. The other lads were having less luck both Elpez2k and Wanner took a tumble on the uneven ground Wanners being by far the worst. The lads finally decided to pack up as it was getting close to 2am. An electrifying night that had all the lads buzzing despite the blanks for Elpez2k and Wanner.

Shane B - 1 Smooth hound, 1 conger
Elpez2k - Blanked
Wanner - Blanked


St Brides, Fri 15th June, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m), mild W

Elpez2k and The Codfather headed for a nights easy fishing at local venue St Brides. They arrived at the light house around 1 hour before high tide and made their way down the sea wall to fish by the groine. The weather was a little unsettled and the lads had come prepared with their bivies. A quick set up and the lads were in the water around half hour before high tide.


The first half hour passed quietly, this was fine for the lads as it gave them chance to set up the shelters and they weren’t expecting much from this venue anyway. As high tide approached the bites started to show, The Codfather was first to strike and hooked into the first fish of the night a nice flounder just short of 1lb in weight. Elpez2k had and opportunity soon after but missed with the strike. The purple patch continued and soon after casting Elpez2k hooked into his first fish of the night a good scrap ended in Elpez2k pulling a strap conger 3lb in weight to shore.


As high tide passed the bites continued and The codfather pulled in his second fish of the night, much to the lads surprise it was a dogfish the first the SWFF have seen this far up the channel. By the time the lads got half hour into the ebb the bites started to dry up, the lads fished on until the water had left the rocks of the seawall. Not so much in hope of more fish but more a case of just really enjoying the night, 2 hours down and out of water the lads reluctantly packed up and headed for home.


The Codfather - 1 flounder, 1 dogfish
Elpez2k - 1 conger


Barafundle, Fri 22nd June, High tide 00.00 (0.0m) Mod SW

The SWFF headed back West to try a mark Shane B and Elpez2k had been keeping a close eye on for sometime. As usual things didn't quite go to plan and the lads ended up reaching west Wales later than planned. A stop at Manorbier prooved that any mark facing west would be un fishable in these wind conditions, so despite the late arrival the lads pushed on to Stackpole quay car park to take the longish walk to Barafundle bay.


Elpez2k, Shane B, The Codfather and Wanner arrived at the lattice window ledges around 7.30pm and quickly went about setting up. The tide was on the flood which was good news as there wasn't a great depth of water at their feet. The lads opted for different methods, Shane B went straight to the beach casters, The Codfather went on the hunt for mackie using feathers and Wanner and Elpez2k set up the light tackle to fish close in.


8pm and the lads had set up and Elpez2k was the first to strike bringing in a small blenny after only 2 minutes in the water. There were plenty of small fish in close to catch on the light gear. Shane B and The Codfather weren’t fairing so well, no bites for Shane B on the beach casters and no takes on the feathers for The Codfather. As 9pm approached Elpez2k lost his first rig in the dense kelp close to the ledges and swapped to a float outfit as did The Codfather/


9pm and a good take on the float had seen Elpez2k lose a good fish as it darted straight for the kelp, The Codfather had also suffered a similar fate. Shane B had managed his first fish of the night a small ballan wrasse caught close in on light tackle. Wanner finally got on the board with the SWFF's first silver eel of the year caught on the light gear again. This was a relief for old Wanner as he had lost a couple of fish close in and had the feeling he was in for another bad night down west.


10pm approached and as the light faded the fish started feeding and the beach casters came into play. It was a similar story to Stackpole ledges, hoards of hungry dogfish were making their presence known and the lads had to cast bigger baits to try and avoid them. As 11pm approached most of the lads had at least one dogfish on the board, Elpez2k and Shane B were on full scale fish mode and were already around half a dozen doggies. As the last of the light faded The Codfather finally opened his account. After a good bite he struck into a real good fight that saw Wanners and Elpez2k's rod get involved in the action as the fish made a dart for freedom. Finally the fish broke the surface at first the lads thought it was a tope, but as Shane B pulled the fish from the clear blue sea it became obvious it was The Codfathers 3rd smooth hound of the year This one around 3lb in weight. The fish was quickly photographed and released. Meanwhile Wanners night was also picking up; a pollack on the light gear was quickly followed by a good scrap which ended up with a 7-8lb conger surfacing at his feet. As Wanner pulled the fish up to the ledge on the light rod the line gave way and the fish fell back to the sea before he managed to get his hands on it, sorry Wanner but no touchy no fishy...


Midnight approached and Elpez2k and Shane B were still battling with the dogfish, The Codfather had also landed a couple as had Wanner. Then finally the fish the SWFF had headed to west Wales for made an appearance. Wanner pulled the SWFF's first bullhuss to the shore to take the combined species tally for the year to 22, the same as the SWFF, managed all of last year. The fish weighed in at 4.5lb and after throwing up all over Wanner it was released to fight another day.


1am and the lads started to pack up slowly, although the fishing was still very much full on the lads had a 2 hour drive home in front of them. By 1.30am the lads had packed up and started on the long road home after an excellent nights fishing.


Shane B - 9 dogfish, 1 ballan wrasse
Elpez2k - 9 dogfish, 1 blenny
The Codfather -  5 dogfish, 1 smooth hound
Wanner - 6 dogfish, 1 sliver eel, 1 pollack, 1 bullhuss


Summerhouse point, Tues 26th June, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Mod NW

Elpez2k and Shane B headed to new venue "Summerhouse Point" hoping for some more smooth hound action. Armed with fresh peeler crab they arrived at the venue around 2 hours before low water. After a quick scout of the mark they set up just to the left of the observation building up on the cliff top.


The wind was making the evening feel very chilly for what was now supposed to be summer, but at least the rain was holding off. The evening started slow the first hour passed without incident before 2 good bites came along, one for each member. Both were slack liners and this got the lads hope up that there might be hounds in the area.


Low water arrived and with it came the first fish, Elpez2k struck after a good knock and wound in a small strap conger around 1lb in weight. The lads fished on hoping that the hounds would make an appearance on the flood. Regular bait changes had seen the lads crab supply dwindle quicker that BIG E's snack bag. Around 2 hours up and with no bites for the last 1.5 hours the lads packed up and headed for home.


Elpez2k - 1 conger
Shane B - Blanked
Mumbles Pier, Sat 30th June, High Tide 19.00 (0.0m) Str S/SW

Elpez2k, Shane B and Wanner headed for Mumbles pier to join 10 or so other WSF forum members fishing a charity night organized by Brandon Jones. Elpez2k and Shane B had fished one of these nights before in appalling conditions back in 2006. This night’s conditions were to be no better, the rain hammered down during the drive to Swansea. But as the lads reached their destination the weather gods gave the SWFF a reprieve and allowed them to set up on the pier in dry but very windy conditions. The lads had missed the sprint for the end section that was now full with other anglers and had to set up on the top tier which put them in the full force of the wind. After securing a couple of fishing umbrellas to the railings the lads settled in for a long night.


The first hour or so passed without a bite for the trio, the WSF members on the end section were pulling the odd doggie and a smooth hound had also made an appearance. To add to the lad’s frustration the rain had now returned and was hammering down. Elpez2k tried float tactics close to the pier legs while Wanner tried the opposite side casting towards the lifeboat station with no success. Shane B was in a half hearted mood and was tucked up under his umbrella trying to avoid some really nasty weather.


With the tide now on the ebb the lads didn't hold much hope for any action and the memories of the terrible nights fishing here the previous year came flooding back. Then finally a bite close in for Elpez2k, he struck and made contact with a fish. Elpez2k wound up his first fish of the night and had never been so happy to see a dogfish in his life. This first fish was quickly followed by Wanner’s first doggie of the night. Both were a handsome size and the sight of a few fish kicked the lads into gear.


10.30pm finally the rain stopped and the sky cleared, both Wanner and Elpez2k had managed a few dogs each during the storm. Shane B was still looking a blank in the face, despite this he joined Elpez2k in a walk to see the how the other anglers were getting on. A few hounds had been landed on the end platform and lots of dogfish. The lads headed back to their tackle and set about a couple of hour’s hardcore fishing.


Midnight arrived and Shane B finally pulled in a dogfish to save his bacon, Elpez2k was on 3 dogs while Wanner had a pair to his name. The wind had dropped slightly but the water was now very shallow where the lads were fishing. This didn't stop Shane B quickly catching the other members up by landing another pair of dogfish. As 1am approached Wanner and Elpez2k also added doggies to their tallies for the night. As 1.30am the lads decided to pack up, they took one last walk to the end platform to say their goodbyes and headed for home.

Elpez2k - 4 dogfish
Shane B - 4 dogfish
Wanner - 3 dogfish


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