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July 2007

St Brides, Tues 3rd Jul, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m), Mod W
Elpez2k, Shane B, Wanner and his bro Mark kicked the months campagian off at St Brides Newport. The weather hadn't been kind for the start of the month, but a break in the rain gave the lads the chance to get a few fish on the board. The lads arrived around 2 hours before high water and set up close to the groine that had proved successful for The Codfather and Elpez2k some weeks earlier.
The hours up to high tide passed very slowly and without incodent. The only members to register bites were Elpez2k and Wanner, but no fish to show for them. Into the ebb and things didn't improve, to add to the lads frustration the wind had picked up a the odd shower of rain was making life uncomfortable for the SWFF members.
Around an hour into the ebb Elpez2k had a good knock, he waited to see if there was anymore signs the fish was hooked. The odd knock came along every few seconds and Elpez2k decided to retrieve, the line came most of the way in only to tangle with Wanners line short of the shore. After an untangle that seemed to take hours Elpez2k tried to free the line with no luck, he left the rod on the tripod hoping to retrieve it after the tide had left the sea wall. The last hour passed without any more action for anyone, when the tide had dropped far enough Elpez2k ran down to collect his rig. As he pulled it free from its snag a small flounder appeared attached to his rig to save him a blank session. No such luck for the other lads, 2 hours down the lads headed for home.
Elpez2k - 1 Flounder
Shane B - Blanked
Wanner - Blanked

Goldcliff, Wed 11th Jul, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Mod S/SW
The first dry evening in a week and Elpez2k and Shane B headed to Goldcliff in search of sole, conger and ray. The lads arrived around 2 hours before low tide and follwed the marl down to its furthest point before setting up. The wind was howling up the chanel but the lads set up hoping it wouldn;t effect the fishing. First casts hit the water around 1.5 hours before low water.
The session started well after 20 short minutes Elpez2k had a bite that resulted in a small strap conger of around 1lb in weight. The strap gave the lads a lift and they hoped it was going to be a good session. The wind died off slightly as low tide approached but no bites came along. There were two other anglers fishing closer to the right hand side, but after around an hour they packed up and headed for home. Did they know something the SWFF didn't?
Into the flood and the lads relocated further to the right to escape the tide. A good bite resulting in a slackliner arrived for Elpez2k but there was no fish at the end of the line. Soon after and Shane B also had a good bite but he too missed his opertunity to land the fish and the trace came in empty. The rest of the session was a mixture of the lads moving to escape the tide, and no bites and no fish. Giving poor Shane B his 2nd blank in as many trips and Elpez2k another lucky escape.
Elpez2k - 1 Conger
Shane B - Blanked

Magor ??? ?? July, High Tide ??.?? (?.?m), wind Mod W
Shane B and Wanner headed to a new mark a few miles from Redwick at Magor. The lads arrived around 1.5 hours before high tide and set up close to a small stream running into the channel. The lads had faith in there new found mark and it was to prove a worthwhile session.
The first hour passed quietly but just after high tide and Wanner pulled in his first bass of the year, only a small schoole but a bass never the less. Another quiet half hour before Shane B recieved a bite that resulted in his first silver eel of the year. The tide wasnt hanging around at this venue and the rest of the short session passed without incodent.
Wanner - 1 Bass
Shane B - 1 Silver eel

Wooltack point, Fri 20th Jul, High tide 23.05 (0.0m) Mod N/NE
The tour of west wales continues, Elpez2k, Shane B and The Codfather being the hardcore members to take the long trip west this time. The lads left around 3pm and arrived at Wooltackpoint around 2.5 hours later. the wind was strong and there was a lot of cloud cover suggesting it wasn't going to be a dry night. The lads to the longish walk to the ledges and set up the wind was coming across the ledge making conditions difficult. Despite this the lads set up in good spirits and first casts hit the wtare around 6pm.
The Codfather had gone striaght to feathers, Elpez2k was on light tackle and Shane B blasted to big baits to the horizon. Things didn't start well for 2 members, The Codfather lost his feathers first cast and Shane B missed a good bite after around 20 minutes. Elpez2k was having better luck, he hit into his first wrasse after around half hour. A nice ballan came to shore weighing in at around 10oz. The wind was picking up and Shane B relocated close to the rocks for some shelter, while the other 2 members set up their bivvies. Elpez2k managed the job but The codfather's wouldn't stand in the strong wind. To make matters worse it was now statring to rain.
The Codfather gave up trying to erect the bivvy and joined Elpez2k in his. Soon after The Codfather received a good bite and pulled in the nights first dogfish. around 10 minutes later and Elpez2k brought in his 2nd wrasse of the evening this one much smaller around 2-4oz. With the wind still causing havoc Elpez2k and The Codfather joined Shane B to avoid the weather. A tasty barbaque proceeded consisting of sausages wrapped in bacon, BIG E would have been proud.
9pm and Shane B managed to land his first fish of the night a nice sized dogfish. By now it was apparent to the lads that it wasn't going to be a trip to remember, still thye fished on hoping that something would make the 300 mile round trip worthwhile. But being honest nothing did, The Codfather had two good bites but both resulted in an empty rig. Shane B managed possibly the smallest conger in history (we had bigger ragworm) and Elpez2k didn't even see another bite in 3 hours fishing. Midnight arrived and the lads headed for totaly gutted and with a 2 hour drive ahead of them...
Elpez2k - 2 Ballan wrasse
Shane B - 1 Dogfish, 1 Conger
The Codfather - 1 Dogfish


Caswell Bay, ??? ?? July, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m), Mod S/SW
Elpez2k and Shane B headed out last minute to fish the flooding tide at Caswell Bay. The lads arrived around 9pm and set up on the lefthand side of the beach close to the rocks. the weather was good considering the terrible rain and wind of late, although the wind was quite strong at least it was dry and relitivley mild. First casts hit the water around 9.30pm and the lads sat back waiting for some action.
It didn't take long for Elpez2k to recieve the first bite of the evening, a good knock resulted in Elpez2k reeling in a hefty weight. When the rig broke the surface there was no fish but a huge clump of seaweed. The tide was starting to flood and the lads made the decission to stay on the beach rather than fishing the rocks, they moved to a more central position on the beach and carried on fishing. Soon after the move Elpez2k had another bite and started reeling in, he was expecting another ball of weed but much to his suprise there was a fish connected. The rig broke the surface with Elpez2k's first ray of 2007 in tow, a tiny small eyed ray of around 1lb in weight being the ray in question. This was teh species the SWFF had been after to take the tally to 23 and surpass last years total.
The fishing carried on slowly around 11.30pm Elpez2k had another bite, this one was much easier to see through the now increasing wind. A short strike and retrieve later and Elpez2k had a schoolie bas of around 10oz on the shoreline. The fish was quickly unhooked and released (no pics as my camera was crocked). Shane B was having no luck and wasn't looking forward to another blank session.
Midnight arrived and finaly a bite for Shane B, he hit into a good fish only for it to come off in the surf. Gutted at the loss of possibly his first bass he quickly rebaited and cast out. Soon after another bite came along and this time the fish made it to shore, another small eyed ray again around 1lb in weight. A new species for Shane B and a crucial fish to save another blank on the stats.
The lads fished on untill around 1.30am and despite another knock each no more fish were to show. A nice session for the lads anyway, with the terrible weather of late it felt more like a summer night than recent trips. Was this to see an upturn in the weather and some better fish? Only time will tell...
Elpez2k - 1 Bass, 1 Small eyed ray
Shane B - 1 Small eyed ray

Mumbles Pier, Sun 29th Jul, Low TIde 00.00 (0.0m), Mild E
With the stats looking poor for the month and a break in the bad weather, Elpez2k and Wanner headed to Mumbles pier in search of new species and a bag load of fish. The lads left around 7.30am and headed down the M4 in glorious sunshine, after a short stop for supplies the lads took the rest of the journey and arrived at the pier just in time for opening. There were already quite a few anglers making their way down the pier and the lads had to settle for a spot on the fishing platform just to the left of the steps.
First casts hit the water around 9.20am and the lads sat back and chatted to other anglers. The fishing started slowly and by 10am there wasn't a bite or a fish to show for anyone fishing the left hand side of the pier. The lads considered packing up and heading further west. As this discussion went on Elpez2k finaly had a bite on the light gear close in, and a short strike and retrieve later the first fish of the day was landed. There safe in his hands was a small pollack of around 4-6oz, this gave the lads a little hope and they decided to give the pier another half hour to redeem itself.
10.30am and another knock this time on the beachcaster gave Elpez2k the first dogfish of the day. Meanwhile Wanner was having no luck, he was too busy tangling with the angler next to him. The thought of leaving for another venue was still on the lads minds when Elpez2k recieved a mutha of a bite. A good scrap followed and Elpez2k soon had his first ever triggerfish on the surface of the water. As Elpez2k handlined the fish up the line snapped around 10 feet short of the fishing platform. This made up the lads minds, with triggerfish in the area they had to stay and hope for some more trigger action.
11am and things were picking up, a few fish ahd been landed by other anglers including triggerfish and gurnard. The lads set about some hard fishing, Elpez2k packed up the multiplier and concentrated on fishing close with the light gear and his beachcaster/fixed spool combo. Meanwhile Wanner had a rod at range and one in close. Soon after 11am and Elpez2k hooked into his second triggerfish of the day, after a glorious fight he winched the fish up the pier and safely into his hands to give him his first ever of the species.
Midday and finaly Wanner had his chance after a good bite he reeled in to find a small pollack to take away the threat of a blank and the "dines". Meanwhile Elpez2k was having a stormer another triggerfish came his way, this time a better size weighing around 2lb in weight. Wanner looked on in desperation hoping to see his first trigger landed too. Around 12.30 he got his chance a good bite turned into a good scrap, but the fish managed to swim under the pier and snag Wanners line. Although he tried for several minutes the line wouldn't come free, in the end he had to bite the bullet and pull the line untill it snapped.
1pm and Elpez2k was still fishing in close, another monster bite produced another great fight. This time the culprits were 2 triggerfish on the same rig, both fish made it to shore to take Elpez2k's trigger tally to 4 for the day. Wanner looked on in dismay, things were not going well for the bigman. 2pm and still no action for Wanner except the odd missed bite, Elpez2k was already on a high with the days fishing but things were about to get a whole lot better. A monster bite produced one of the best fights he had ever had on light gear, the lads looked over the piers edge trying to get a glimpse of the culprit. Inintaly the lads were expecting a bass but as the fish hit the surface they could see it was a good mullet. Elpez2k was on light scratching gear and he was afriad the small size 6 hooks and light line would not support the fish if it was to be handlined up the pier. Another angler went looking for a drop net, leaving Elpez2k to carry on the fight with a very "up for it" mullet. Eventually the angler came back but with no drop net, Elpez2k made the decission and the angler started the hand line up the wall. Eventualy the fish reached the top of the pier and safely into Elpez2k hands. A new personal best mullet for Elpez2k weighing in at 4lb, after a few photgraphs "Ruud" was released to fight another day.
The fishing was now full on and all sorts of fish were making an appearence, still poor old Wanner fished on as all around him caught fish. With 3pm approaching Elpez2k was getting ready to head for home when another huge bite resulted in another hectic scrap. Elpez2k brough another double hit of trigger to the surface and then safely to the pier to leave poor old Wanner gobsmacked. Elpez2k couldn't believe his luck and decided to quit while he was ahead. As he packed up Wanner finaly had the bite he was looking for and pulled his first trigger to the surface, he shouted to Elpez2k to help him handline the fish up. Elpez2k rushed over and started the handline up, as the fish reached the last 5 feet of pier wall it bit clean through the line and dropped back into the sea leaving Wanner triggerless. Elpez2k walked back to the car with a spring in his step, Wanner meanwhile fished on desperatley for another 20 minutes or so, but it was not to be the lads headed for home. One very happy SWFF member and one not so happy...
Elpez2k - 6 Triggerfish, 1 Mullet, 1 Pollack, 1 Dogfish
Wanner - 1 Pollack


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