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September 2007

Stackpole, Sat 1st Sep, High Tide 10.30 (0.0m) Mild N/NW

Day two and the start of a new month for Elpez2k and Shane B, the lads got up at 7am and after a quick cooked breakfast they headed for Stackpole ledges. The lads arrived in beautiful conditions, there was hardly any wind and the sun was just starting to burn through the morning cloud. The lads took the short walk to the ledges and instantly went about setting up the light gear; first casts were made around 8.30am.


It didn't take long for the fish to come knocking, and Elpez2k had his first wrasse of the day safely ashore after only 5 minutes. A small ballan was the culprit, the fish was quickly released without harm and the lads continued their fishing. Within 10 minutes Elpez2k had ballan number two, same as the last in terms of size around 6-8oz. This pattern continued for the first hour and Elpez2k opened up an early lead on Shane B who had cracked his first cast off and was having difficulties setting back up. By 9.30 am Elpez2k had 4 ballan wrasse and a small pollack to show for his efforts.


Elpez2k went about setting up a beach caster and Shane B got stuck into the wrasse instantly pulling up his first ballan of the day. It wasn't long before the fish started coming at a steady pace for Shane B and by 10am both members were sat on the rocks catching wrasse after wrasse with the odd pollack chucked in for good measure. Elpez2k hooked into a good fish around high tide that dived straight for the kelp, after a long struggle to free the rig it finally broke free from the bottom. A stunning chunky wrasse came to the surface with another smaller wrasse also attached to the rig, Shane B ran over and carefully hand lined the fish up, safely ashore was Elpez2k new PB ballan wrasse weighing in at 3lb 5oz. The fish was photographed and released to fight another day.


Just after high tide and Elpez2k switched to spinning while Shane B carried on attacking the wrasse. Various plugs, spinners and shads were tried but no fish were playing ball with Elpez2k. He took a short walk back to the car park in search of coffee and tabs leaving Shane B to fish on. On his return Shane B was still in the same spot hammering the wrasse out. Elpez2k joined back in and the lads spent a good hour pulling the fish out one after the other. Despite the fact there were plenty of fish about the lads took their time and sat back to take in the views and watch the kayaks fishing out in the bay. The odd bait change on the lifeless beach casters took place and the lads experimented with various types of float set up and rig types.


Just after midday and the water was getting shallow enough to be able to see the bottom. Every so often Shane B would scream as a big pollack would dart from the kelp attacking the small fry swimming around the rock ledges. The lads quickly started fishing in the vicinity, but none of the pollack were willing to take the float fished bait. Elpez2k tried dragging various lures through the kelp outcrops but no fish even showed an interest. Meanwhile the wrasse were still being caught in good numbers. As 1pm approached the lads slowly started to pack up after a good mornings fishing, this was planned to be the last trip to west Wales until the winter. Maybe threes time for one more trip yet...

Shane B - 12 Ballan Wrasse, 1 Corkwing Wrasse, 2 Pollack
Elpez2k - 9 Ballan Wrasse, 2 pollack


Barry Waterfront, Wed 5th Sep, NO TIDE, Light N/NW

Elpez2k and Wanner headed for Barry Waterfront hoping for some mullet action. The lads arrived around 9pm and quickly went about setting up the beach casters. With the action on the ledger gear being quiet at this venue at best, the lads quickly went about setting up light float gear hoping for some smaller fish to keep the lads entertained. By 9.30pm the lads were settled and enjoying the mild weather waiting for the first bite.


It didn't take long for the bites to come along and Elpez2k was soon into the first fish on the float gear. A tiny pin whiting was the first fish to appear from the depths to kick off Elpez2k's stats for the evening. Wanner followed shortly after with a bite in close on the beach caster, the culprit was a silver eel weighing around 12oz. The bites continued on the float for Elpez2k as a string of small whiting were landed.


Midnight approached and Elpez2k had caught around half a dozen pin whiting, a bite on the beach caster also provided him with a silver eel. Wanner had also landed a few small whiting on light scratching gear. The lads chatted between bites to a few other anglers around the Waterfront but nothing much had been caught. Around midnight and Elpez2k landed the first smelt of the night quickly followed by a small pollack.


As 1am approached the lads started to pack up slowly, there were still plenty of fish to be caught on the float and lots of bites were being missed as the tiny smelt started to take an interest in the lads bait. The lads had a good last half hour as Elpez2k landed a few more smelt and Wanner landed his second silver eel of the night and his first smelt. As the lads packed up the last of the gear Wanner had a good bite on his only remaining rod. After a quick strike and retrieve he had a small schoolie bass of around 10oz safely in his hands to top of an entertaining night.

Elpez2k - 9 Whiting, 5 Smelt, 1 Pollack, 1 Silver eel
Wanner - 4 Whiting, 2 Silver eel, 1 Smelt, 1 Bass

Aberthaw, Fri 7th Sep, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Light N/NW
With reports of large catches of hounds at Aberthaw the SWFF headed to the venue armed with a bucket load of fresh peeler. Elpez2k, Wanner, The Codfather and Silverback (out for his 1st trip of 2007) reached the power station carpark around 3 hours before low tide. The lads took the long walk to the ledges, there were several other fisherman all ready ocuppying the mark but the lads soon found a spot and started setting up.
The weather was perfect for the occasion and by 2 hours before low water all the lads were set up and waiting for the first run of the night. The first hour passed quickly, no bites came along but it gave the lads chance to chat and discuss the nights possible proceedings. Around an hour before low water the lads heard a scream of joy coming from the anglers situated to their left. This kicked the lads into gear, and fresh baits were lauched in hope of a run. Although the lads had seen no action so far the atmosphere was electric and spirits were high.
Around 30 minutes before low water the action started for the SWFF, first off was Wanner. A hell of a run resulted in a serious scrap for Wanner. The fish pulled around 50 - 70 yards of line on its first run and then took another 50 yards before starting its battle with Wanner. Wanner got the fish within 50 yards of shore before hitting a snag, he gave the fish line hoping that it would free itself from the snag. While the comotion was going on The Codfather also had a run, he struck and hit into a decent hound. The Codfather took a different approach to his battle, he didn't allow the fish any line and tried to bully it into shore. The Codfather got within 30 - 40 yards of shore before the line broke. Meanwhile Wanner hadn't managed to free his snagged fish and it was looking like another lost hound, while he was trying to free his line Elpez2k's chance came begging.
Elpez2k - Blanked
Wanner - Blanked
The Codfather - Blanked
Silverback - Blanked

Aberthaw, Sat 8th Sep, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Light N/NW

Shane B and Wanner headed back to Aberthaw hoping that their luck would be better than last night’s efforts by the SWFF. The lads arrived around 3 hours before low tide and quickly made their way to the ledges. There were plenty of other anglers all ready at the mark, but the lads found a spot and quickly set up.


The 2 hours left until low tide passed quickly, but there wasn't a single bite for either member. The lads got chatting to Barrelreef from the Danglers, this helped to pass the time as they waited for the arrival of the hounds. Just after low water and finally a bite for Wanner, "HERE WE GO BOYS" was the scream from Wanner as half a dozen headlamps along the Aberthaw shoreline turned to see what the fuss was about. Wanner started to reel in but it was soon apparent this was no hound, a few seconds later and Wanner had a small strap conger around 1lb in weight.


The lads fished on for around an hour but no bites came along for any of the anglers fishing the ledges. The lads packed up knowing that this was probably the last chance to target the hounds this year.

Wanner - 1 Conger
Shane B - Blanked
Cardiff F'shore, Sun 9th Sep, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Mild SW
With reports of codling starting to show Elpez2k and Shane B headed to Cardiff foreshore to see if they could bag some early winter codling. Conditions were good and the lads took the long walk from the port entrance to the mark in good spirits. The lads set up and first casts hit the water around 1.5 hours before high tide.
The flooding tide produced little for the SWFF apart from the odd small bite there was no action or fish to show for the lads efforts. They spent their time talking to another angler, asking what the foreshore had produced recently. As high tide approached the friendly angler who the lads had been chatting to landed a codling of around 1.5lb.
Into the ebb and no improvment for the lads untill around 1 hour down when Shane B had a good bite that resulted in a codling of around 1.5lb. The fish was photographed and released to fight another day. This gave the lads a boost and the next hour was spent desperatley trying to add to the tally. Unfortunatley despite their best efforts there were no more fish to add to the tally, except a can of sardines for Elpez2k...
Shane B - 1 Codling
Elpez2k - Blanked


Caswell Bay, Fri 14th Sep, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Mild SW
Wanner and Elpez2k decided to try a new venue and opted for Rhosilli ledges. Elpez2k told Wanner that he knew a "shortcut" and after taking said "shortcut" the lads spent the next 1.5 hours getting lost on the back roads of the Gower. Eventully the lads agve up all hope and opted for Caswell bay instead. The lads arrived around an hour before high tide and quickly made their way to the ledges, first casts hit the water around 30mins before high tide.
It didn't take long for the fish to show. Wanner missed the first good bite of the night, but this was quickly follwed by another and after a quick strike and retrieve he had his first tub gurnard of the year safely ashore. Into the ebb and Elpez2k's first bite of the night produced a small eyed ray of around 1.5lb in weight. Around 20 minutes later and Wanner also landed his first ray of the session and the year. With the water leaving the ledges rapidly the lads packed up and headed to the beach next to Mumbles pier. After a quick kebab the lads set up and hoped to add to the night tally. Unfortunatley the kebab took its toll on the SWFF and both members ended up box snoozing and the lads packed up after around an hours sleep and headed for home.
Wanner - 1 Tub Gurnard, 1 Small eyed ray
Elpez2k - 1 Small eyed ray


Barry Waterfront. Wed 19th Sep, NO TIDE, Strong SW/W
Elpez2k and Shane B headed to Barry Waterfront on a very windy night. The lads reached the venue and picked a spot along side the old show house to get out of the wind. With the winds being so strong the lads wernt sure if the float fishing tactics used a few weeks earlier would pay off. Their worries were soon put aside as Elpez2k brought in 3 small whiting in quick succession. Meanwhile Shane B was also into the fish landing 2 small pouting quickly.
The fishing contiuned at a slow but steady pace and the lads tried several methods hoping to get in amongst some larger fish. Despite their best efforts only the small pin whiting were showing with the odd smelt in between. The lads fished on for around 2 hours, as the lads decided to start packing up Shane B had a clonking bite that almost seen his rod lost over the side. A quick strike and a good fight resulted in Shane B's first mullet of 2007.
Elpez2k - 7 whiting, 3 smelt
Shane B - 2 Whiting, 2 Pouting, 4 Smelt, 1 Mullet


Mumbles pier, Sun 25th Sep, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Str SW
The SWFF headed to Mumbles hoping to improve on the list of summer species caught so far. Shane B, Elpez2k and Wanner set off early from Newport and arrived at Mumbles just in time for opening. The wind was very strong but the rain that had been forcast was holding off, the lads were first on the pier and quickly set up in the lefthand corner to try and avoid the wind. The pier quickly filled up despite the strong winds, a father and son combo managed to squeeze in the smallest of gaps between the lads much to their dismay.
The first hour passed very quietly, not the start the lads had hoped for at such a quality venue. To make matters worse the father and son combo had unpacked around 5 rods and the son was determined to try and make the lefthand side of the pier his own. Finaly just after an hour the first fish came along for Elpez2k a small bullhead caught on the scratching gear. The annoying son quickly came over and cast striaght over the top off Elpez2k much to his annoyance. Meanwhile Shane B and Wanner were having less luck fishing the front left of the pier no bites had come along for just over an hour. Finaly Wanner had a good bite that resulted in a good sized tub gurnard.
With the tide now on the flood the lads hoped for an improvment in the fishing, Elpez2k managed to land a small trigger fish while Wanner hit into a small pollack. Shane B finaly got off the mark with a joey mackeral which was quickly sent back over the edge as live bait. Within minutes Shane B's rod doubled over a he was into a good fish, the fish quicky swam under the supports of the pier and despite his best efforts he could not free it. Eventully Shane B pulled for the break and the fish escaped. Meanwhile the father and son duo were doing quite well in between the lads, unfortunatley the boy was determined to kill every fish that he caught for the pot. Undersize bass, gurnard, dogfish nothing was safe from this duo and the lads looked on in horror.
As the tide flooded the fishing improved, the mackeral started showning in better numbers and the lads concentrated on float fishing at the front of the pier. The mackeral seemed shy by their standards and feathers and lures done nothing to add to the days tally. Float fished mackeral on the other hand was working well and the lads started catching mackie at a steady pace. Shane B also managed another bulhead and wanner managed another gurnard. The odd garfish could be seen in amongst the mackeral and the lads started concentrating more on the float fishing.
The mackie were coming at a steady pace now and finally the first garfish of the day fell to Shane B, this was quickly follwed by a second and a third. Wanner also got in on the action landing his first garfish of the year. Despite elpez2k's best efforts he couldn't get into the garfish, but did manage a schoolie bass on his last cast.
Shane B - 14 Mackerel, 1Ballan wrasse, 1 Pollack, 1 Bullhead, 3 Garfish
Wanner -  2 Garfish,  2 Tub gurnard, 1 Pollack, 4 mackerel
Elpez2k - 4 mackerel, 1 Trigger fish, 1 Bullhead, 1 Bass


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