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August 2007

St Brides, Wed 1st August, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Mild SW
The start of a new month and the SWFF kicked off August with a trip to St Brides, Elpez2k, Shane B and The Codfather headed out to fish 2 up 2 down just past the groine walking left from the pub. The weather had picked up a little and it was feeling more like summer, amild SW west wind was blowing and the skies were clear of cloud. The only problem is the shit flies were out in force determined to make the evening slightly uncomfortable.
Fishing started slow Elpez2k tried some flattie rigs and baits with no joy except one small bite that came to nothing. Around 45 minutes before high tide it finaly started to pick up. Shane B had a good bite that resulted in a conger weighing 6lb. This was quickly followed by another conger this one weighing in at 5lb.
Around 20 minutes later and Elpez2k chance came a begging after a good bite and scrap he had a conger weighing 3.5lb safely ashore. As elpez2k put the eel back The Codfather had a clonking bite but missed the fish with the strike. High Tide and Shane B had another knock resulting in another conger this one weighing 3.5lb. Pressure was on The Codfather, and around 15 minutes later he hooked into a nice fish. The fish was putting up a good fight and all was looking well untill around 30 yards when the fish managed to regain its freedom by spitting the hook.

Into the ebb and it went all quiet again. The SWFF did see something floating out at sea, thought it was a great white at first but on further investigation it was a tree. The lads packed up around midnight and headed for home, a good night by Newports standard and at least 2 members were happy. Poor old Codfather was left holding "the dines"...
Shane B - 3 conger
Elpez2k - 1 conger
The Codfather - Blanked


Caswell, Wed 8th Aug 07, Low Tide 00.00 (0.0m) Light N/NW
The SWFF headed down to Caswell for a sesh on the beach.  Elpez2k, Wanner, Shane B, BIG E and Sparky arrived around 8.30pm to find a few people still in the sea but managed to find a space in the centre big enough for the 5 of them. Stunning evening to be out slight northerly but really nice conditions to fish in. The lads quickly set up and first casts hit the water around 9pm. The banter had been raging all the way down and Wanner had been given a thick ear by the other lads over his performance at Mumbles. The lads hoped this would get him reved up for the evening fishing, only time would tell...

The Session started really well, after around 10 minutes a few bites had came along at it wasn't long before the first fish was landed by BIG E. After a good bite he reeled in his first ever ray (small eyed) only a baby but he was well chuffed. The fish weighed around 1lb and after much girling around like a big girl it was released to fight another day. Big E opened a tube of choclate digestives to celebrate the occasion. Soon after and Elpez2k had a good bite that resulted in the first doggie of the evening. Around 10 minutes later Shane B also had a good knock that seen him land a baby small eyed too, again around the 1lb mark.

The fishing dropped off after the hectic start and all went quiet then untill dark, when BIG E had another good knock and landed another small eyed slightly better size but still only around the 1.5lb mark. A Yorkie bar was sacraficed in honour of this fish, meanwhile Sparky could only look on in disbelief as he missed his first chance to catch, a good bite and the fish was halfway in before coming off leaving BIG E chuckling next to Sparky's side. Another doggie for Elpez2k around 20 minutes later and one for the man of the moment BIG E before another quiet spell.

Around an hour later and a few bites came along and another lost fish for our mate Sparky (dogfish we thinks). Poor old Welsh Wanner was starting to panic he'd had 3 blank sessions in a row (not all SWFF) and was looking like this was gonna be number 4.Things didn't improve with no fish and just the odd bite all the way up untill midnight. Then a bunch a teenies arrived and decided to go swiming which put an end to our fishing adventures, poor old WelshWanner was gutted for the first time in 2007 he had recieved "the dines" for being the only blanking member at the meet.
BIG E - 2 Small eyed ray, 1 dogfish
Elpez2k - 2 Dogfish
Shane B - 1 Small eyed ray
Wanner -  Blanked
Sparky - Blanked (not yet a member!)


Sudbrook, Wed 15th Aug, High Tide 21.45 (13.4m), Mild SW
The SWFF headed back to old favourite Sudbrook in search of conger. Elpez2k, Timmy51m and B-T-F arrived for around 1.5 hours before high water and set up on the beach next to Divers rock. Lovely conditions with hardly any wind and feeling quite warm, the sea was like a mill pond.

First hour went past quietly with no bites for any of the SWFF. Elpez2k had a nice birdie that was lots of fun to untangle but that was the high light of the flood. Despite several bait combo's and all members fishing 2 rods. Just before high tide and at last some action, Elpez2k recieved a good bite on a pilchard oil injected squid that resulted in his biggest conger of the year, weighing in at 5lb. This was followed around 20 minutes later by another bite for Elpez2k, this one resulted in another conger this one only a strap at around 1.5lb. Again the fish was caught on injected squid. The other lads quickly took up the offer to try an "injector-squid" for themselves.

Into the ebb and Elpez2k decided to scale down and look for some snotters to boost his species tally for 2007. His gamble paid off and around 20 minutes after casting a good knock resulted in his first silver eel of the year. Nice size for a snotter too weighing just over 1lb. The other lads were having no such luck and still hadn't registered a bite between them.

The lads packed up around 1.5 hours down and headed for home, with no more bites or fish to show for their efforts. No a great night for some of the members, but it is Newport what do you expect?
Elpez2k - 2 Conger, 1 Silver eel
CKK - Blanked
BTF - Blanked


Manorbier, Fri 17th Aug, High Tide 21.50 (0.0m), Strong SW
The tour of West Wales continues as Elpez2k, Wanner and Shane B head for Tenby to do some easy fishing around the harbour. As always nothing went to plan and the lads ended up leaving over an hour late, and conditions were gradualy getting worse the further the lads ventured west. To make matters worse an accident on the motorway turned a 1.5 hour trip into nearly a 3 hour trip. With this in mind the lads changed mark and headed for the deep water of Manorbier so they could spend a little more time fishing.
The lads arrived at 8.15pm to find the wind had picked up and some light rain in the air. The SWFF took the 10 minute walk to the "priests nose" at the end of the lefthand point, the rocks were uneven and slippery and with such large breakers hitting the point it was difficult to see what they were fishing over. The lads set up anyway and spent around half hour here watching the weather worsen, although the odd bite came along no fish were caught. With the weather now looking really dodgy Elpez2k announced he was going back to fish the beach, hoping to get out of the wind and rain.
The trip back to the beach didn't take long but it was soon apparent that it was not going to offer any cover from the conditions. The lads set up anyway hoping to make the most of the trip after a long drive. But things were going from bad to worse, first casts revealed that there was a lot of seaweed present in the surf making life difficult. On top of tis the strong winds were causing the tripods of go flying over every once in a while. It was hig water by the time the lads had settled into fishing, and no bites came along for around 45 minutes. Finaly Elpez2k noticed a bite, he had scaled down looking for flatties and this paid off with a nice flounder of around 12oz. As he was unhooking his fish Wanner also had a knock and reeled in a pouting similar in weight to Elpez2k fish.
The sight of a few fish had given the lads hope and they fished on for around an hour in good spirits. The weather was getting worse and the seaweed problem was horrific. Elpez2k reeled in a clump the size of a basket ball that ended up taking a tip eye with it much to his anger. Wanner was getting pissed off with his tripod going over and Shane B had more or less given up hope. The lads fished on untill around midnight but with conditons getting worse they had to head for home. Worse tip to west Wales the SWFF have taken, and it left Shane B holding "the dines".
Wanner - 1 Pouting
Elpez2k - 1 Flounder
Shane B - Blanked

Mumbles Pier, Sun 19th Aug, High Tide 00.00 (0.0m), Mod SW
Waiting for a report of the lads, dont hold your breath...
Shane B - 11 pouting, 5 Triggerfish, 3 Smelt, 3 Dogfish, 2 Blenny, 2 Mackeral
Wanner - 5 Dogfish, 5 Triggerfish, 5 Pouting, 1 Smelt, 1 Blenny, 1 Mackeral

Tenby Harbour, Fri 31st Aug, High Tide 21.15 (0.0m) Mild N/NW

Elpez2k and Shane B headed back west hoping to finish the summer in style. A 2 day trip had been planned and the lads headed down in good spirits. For a change the weather was looking favorable and the trip went without any problems. The lads arrived in New Hedges and promptly booked into a campsite before heading into Tenby. Despite it being nearly 3 hours before high tide the bandstand area was already packed with anglers forcing the lads onto the tourist packed harbor wall. The lads set up with around 20 other anglers just short of the end section.


With so many anglers using feathers it was impossible to cast baits any distance, so the lads concentrated their fishing close to the wall. Bites were almost instant but from very small fish and despite their best efforts the lads couldn't hook into any of them. Elpez2k joined in with the feather action and hooked into a mackie second cast. Meanwhile a young lad from Bettws had come over for a chat and told Shane B there were dozens of fish attacking a piece of ham discarded by a tourist. Shane B grabbed his light gear and ran over to the other side of the dock wall desperate to kick off his nights fishing. Two minutes later he was stood there with a small goby in his hands and a harem of teenie school girls stood around him laughing at the size of his fish.


As the light started to die off, the harbor wall started to empty of tourists. Elpez2k went over and bagged himself a ham eating goby just for the hell of it, while Shane B concentrated on the small fish close in. Apart from the mackie being caught on feathers there wasn't much else being caught. Elpez2k rejoined Shane B on the sea facing side of the wall, soon after he had a monster bite on the beach caster cast close to the wall. He hit into a fish of good size for a brief second before it came off. With the light now fading fast the tourists were starting to clear and the lads moved closer to the end section. Elpez2k headed into town for some alcoholic refreshments while Shane B fished on.


Just after high tide and the lads had the wall more or less to themselves, no bites had been seen for over an hour now and the lads contemplated moving to another venue. As the discussion went on Elpez2k noticed a bite and struck, after a quick retrieval he had his first tub gurnard of the year in his hands. Soon after releasing the fish a bite came along for Shane B but despite waiting for it to develop there was no fish for his patience.


The lads fished on for around an hour, any other week would have seen the lads leaving Tenby feeling very sorry for themselves. But tomorrow would be another day and another chance, the lads took the short drive back to the campsite hoping tomorrow would bring better results...

Elpez2k - 1 Mackeral, 1 Tub Gurnard, 1 Goby
Shane B - 1 Goby


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